Pseudoscience is a winning field in the US Military

Pseudoscience is a winning field in the US Military August 23, 2013

I don’t know if everyone remembers the Spiritual Fitness Test fiasco in the US Army. If you follow this blog how could you not. It was based on untested psychological hypotheses from Dr. Martin Seligman. And I know we all know what happens when someone creates a hypothesis that is unsupported and untestable. You discard it. Unless of course you are the US Military.

As an ardent student and fan of science this is very concerning for me. It has nothing to do with atheism, per se. Blake Page broke this little gem of a story and posted it at the Daily Kos. Apparently, the government spends at least $100 million on acupuncture, homeopathy, and other “alternative” medical programs. Check it out here.

Your tax dollars at work, Ladies and Gentlemen!

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  • Jim Jones

    And yet they won’t pay for Bradley (I mean Chelsea) Manning’s sex change?

  • beenie

    My brother went to an acupuncturist CHinese guy from china. and he juiced him with the tens machine. 3 treatments made his mouth moveable again as it was paralyzed by bells palsy . It took many weeks before my mom was able to get her mouth right to eat. it is not standard treatment. My American (Chinese) doctor friend told me drug therapy probably won’t do too much and that is the only treatment for it that was approved. My brother could not get his mouth opened to eat. He could eat after the first treatment. People need to invest more money into studying these things. My mother suffered for many months with this illness.