A short history of RBB, A bit of the future, and a toast to selflessness

A short history of RBB, A bit of the future, and a toast to selflessness August 24, 2013

It’s been really annoying after returning from this final deployment because all the computers I had access to prior were no longer around. So that’s been a real doozy. There are also a lot of things going on personally with me as well that have kept me from putting as much time and effort into RBB, which is unfortunate because this is a very important movement. I inherited RBB from Justin Griffith and have taken the lead on it. It was never my intent or end-goal, but it was something I just fell into.

During the deployment Justin had executed his orders and gone onto recruiting so he had no time to keep up the activism and sadly, being deployed, neither did I. After I returned from deployment I managed to finally hunt Justin down and get him to talk to me on the phone in between his busy role at recruiting (those guys work 7 days a week). While on the phone he told me that the blog, website, and movement would be entirely mine. He didn’t want to do that and still doesn’t. But to him the purpose and the message of Rock Beyond Belief was bigger than himself and he was just happy to have someone like me to pass the baton off to. His biggest fear was having the movement for equality we’ve relentlessly pursued get stalled and eventually die because no one would be there.

At the end of the conversation he requested that if I ever stepped away from RBB to please let him know so he can take over again. He didn’t order me or demand it. He just simply asked and then he offered his full support to help me in any way. He handed over every press contact, every organizational contact, all account information and gave me formal introductions with all the people necessary to continue on where he left off. He vouched for me with all the members of Team RBB and never asked for anything in return.

For those of you who have never worked with Justin Griffith I hope you get the chance in the future. I knew he was a good guy and supported his fight for constitutional rights, but I never imagined he would selflessly hand everything over without expectations of reciprocation.


Now, I am gearing up for a very busy stage in my life. I’ve helped start a podcast for Foxhole Atheists, have a child on the way, and will be on the road relocating within the next couple months. I also had a lot of projects that unfortunately I can’t share publicly but take up a great amount of my time. I’m hoping that I can continue to keep all of you informed.

Thanks again for supporting RBB and the efforts we do! Thank you to everyone who volunteers and to the staff that work tirelessly! And thank you for continuing to read my sometimes mindless drivel.

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