Christian Dominionists in the US Congress today….or a Book Review of “Christian Nation” by Fredric C. Rich?

Christian Dominionists in the US Congress today….or a Book Review of “Christian Nation” by Fredric C. Rich? October 6, 2013

This is my review of the book ‘Christian Nation’

The premise behind the book is that in the year 2008 John McCain gets elected to high office as the President of the United States. This of course would have made, the Tea Party favorite and Dominionist Christian, Sarah Palin the Vice President. At the very beginning of the book McCain takes a flight over to Russia to do some international diplomacy. While he is there he dies of a heart attack and in steps Sarah Palin as the Commander-in-Chief.

1984 much?

The beginning of this Orwellian story revolves around a man who is working in a library. His job is to sort the books and ensure which ones are appropriate for the ‘Christian literature’. The year is the late 2030’s and America is now a fully ‘Christian’ nation. The Constitution has been altered to fit with a Biblical worldview of Dominionist Christians. The main character is working in the public library in NYC and thinking to himself how it wasn’t always that way. After some time he begins relaying the story of how America transitioned from a Constitutional Democracy to a Theocratic Biblical Society.

He begins to put the thoughts onto paper (a crime because it doesn’t reflect the pure Christian heritage of the United States).

How the terrorists won

Sarah Palin was only the tip of the iceberg for how the United States became a Theocratic government in this alternate future. After her ascension to power with the death of McCain she begins to enact Christian law after Christian law. The framework in which the author lays this out is very plausible and believable, not only from an entertainment standpoint but a legal one as well. Using historical precedent from actual bills, speeches, and literature that have been proposed by elected representatives he lays out the hidden threat that exists underneath the Democratic Society we have built. Here are just a few scary(real life) examples:

  • After the 2004 election 42 out of 100 Senators were entirely supportive of the Christian right agenda (receiving a 100% rating from the Christian Coalition)
  • Tom Coburn (R) called for the death penalty of all abortion doctors
  • Jim DeMint (R) called for banning gays and unmarried pregnant women from teaching at school
  • by 2004 the official platform of the Texas Republican Party stated:
…the practice of sodomy tears at the fabric of society, contributes to the breakdown of the family unit, and leads to the spread of dangerous, communicable diseases. Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental, unchanging truths that have been ordained by God, recognized by our country’s founders, and shared by the majority of Texans.
  • 20% of Oklahoman children are homeschooled and only exposed to a Christian Fundamentalist doctrine

So back in storyland… In the year 2009 The Palin Administration proposes a joint resolution for Congress to declare America a “Christian Nation”. As a resolution it wouldn’t be legally binding and therefore could not be held up for review by the Supreme Court – comparing it much to adding “God” to the currency in 1863, adding “God” to postage stamps in 1912, or adding “Under God” to the pledge in the 1950’s. Clearly, this is a stretch from the Democratic dominated congress that we had in 2009 for it to have actually passed. But let’s not for a moment think that this is in any way indicative of a future where “it couldn’t happen here”.

I’m not going to give you details of the entire book so I’ll skim over some important wavetops. Eventually, Sarah Palin decides to lower the Homeland Security operations and intelligence because she believes God will protect the United States. This ends a few years later (after her reelection) in a devastating terrorist attack on American soil once again, opening the gates for a bigger police state and further instillment of a Theocratic doctrine becoming the superceding law of the land. It doesn’t quite get there yet.

Let me back up for a moment…

So all of this sounds ludicrous, right? Well first let me refer you to a recent blogpost of mine that was actually featured as an Editor’s Pick on Patheos. In it I detail the close relationship between these Dominionist Christians, the attempts at taking over the US Military, the infiltration of US Congress, and their hopes for taking over the Judicial and Executive Branches. Now, I’m going to go even further into it. And for those of you who think I’m a conspiracy theorist I challenge you to do the research. Because the results will scare you. This is the only reason I became an activist–to stop people like this. Otherwise I’d just be a teacher.

Here are some people to keep in mind that hold an important role in the book – but they are also current-day adversaries of mine.


David Barton – This is a very dangerous man. He is a pseudo-historian that has written many books referencing the “true history” of the United States with a Christian dialogue backing up the writings, ideals, and beliefs of the Founding Fathers. The problem is that it is a complete fabrication. The bigger problem is that SO MANY people believe it. The vast majority of his followers are these Dominionist Christians who zealously believe that the Bible is the core of our democracy and not the Constitution! 

Sadly, he’s been on Boards of Education and has a great amount of influence over the public education of our children in the United States school system. He has been banned from speaking publicly at quite a few institutions thanks to activists, and soon I will be pushing for him to be banned from speaking at military and war college events -as he is a proponent of a Christian overthrow of our government.

He has started an organization (that is comprised of both a profit and non-profit arm) called The Wallbuilders. Ironic to me because clearly he is trying to destroy the Wall Separating Church and State. His most recent pseudo-history book The Jefferson Lies was so filled with lies and inaccurate that it was dropped by the publisher, Simon & Schuster, for it’s lack of accuracy – that would be over 17,000 copies. He was also dropped by a Christian publisher.

In response Chris Rodda, my close friend and REAL historian, took Barton to task and checked his footnotes! On top of that, his book is so inaccurate she is writing 7, yes SEVEN, history books to rebut his utter fabrication of history. Oh, and Chris’ footnotes can actually be verified through fact-checking…


Sam Brownback –  The Governor of Kansas. He is a Republican who firmly believes that the Bible is also the Supreme Law of the Land. He was an Evangelical Fundamentalist before his purported switch to Catholicism in 2002. It’s confusing because he still attends a Protestant Evangelical church. Nonetheless, he is an enemy of the First Amendment and the Constitution of the United States of America.

He has co-sponsored the  Constitution Restoration Act which was written to stop the federal courts from having any authority to rule on Church/State separation issues. Had this idiotic law passed it would not have allowed the Judicial Branch of our system to enforce the 1st Amendment which ensures religious equality for all. OH! Did I mention he is a huge fan of David Barton and considers him to be a great historian and close friend? He’s even given speeches to graduating classes of Barton’s university of no-accreditation.


 Ralph Reed – Ralph is a conservative political activist. And by that I mean Dominionist Christian activist. He failed in an attempt to run for Lt. Governor of Georgia in 2006. However he started an organization called the Christian Coalition before he moved on to be one of the founders of a conservative Christian “hate group” the Faith and Freedom Coalition. He started the organization as a way to bridge the gap between Evangelicals and the Tea Party. The goal is to continue to put Dominionist extremists who want Biblical law as the “law of the land” into the Tea Party platform.

In the 1980’s he had a “religious experience” which led him to the Evangelical movement. He ended up helping Pat Robertson in his bid for the Presidency, worked closely with Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist, and he helped mobilize the Religious Right in 1994 to put Republicans back in the legislative branch.

His organization hates equality for the LGBT community, actively pushes religious legislation into Congress, and is able to lobby for the election of the members of the Religious Right running for office as a 501(c)4. He’s got the support of Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Marco Rubio, Michelle Bachman, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, and more.


Michael Farris – Michael is a CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER that doesn’t believe in the Constitution! Proof positive these people we are fighting aren’t entirely ignorant, but they are suffering from massive cognitive dissonance. In 1983 he became an ordained Baptist minister and started the ‘Home School Legal Defense Fund’ to protect the rights of parents to teach their children whatever curriculum they wanted from their own home – in this case a Dominionist theological doctrine training children to prepare for the “spiritual war” about to come to the United States of America.

These evangelical home-school children number between 1 and 2 million. That might not sound like much but when you add it to the additonal 15% of children privately schooled in conservative Christian institutions the numbers begin to add up…alarmingly so. How many of our children are being brainwashed to prepare for the eventual overthrow of our government in favor of a Christian Theocratic Democracy being put in place? This isn’t a last minute thing. This plan has been in place for decades.

The best part about this is that under President Bush the administration provided federal funds for all these private schools that Farris fought to put in place. $1billion flowed directly from the government to the homeschoolers in order to teach them that Christianity was the law of the land. I know – I was a schoolchild in that environment.


Michelle Bachman – I feel stupid even posting her picture up here…but she’s featured in the book. She is actually a licensed clinical psychologist and her husband owns a company that has reportedly been in the news for attempting gay-to-straight conversion therapy. That’s unsubtantiated, though.

Nonetheless, she is an Evangelical that takes her Dominionist ideals from the teachings of Frank Shaeffer Sr. and R.J. Rushdooney. Both of those men were crazy Dominionists who pushed for a fully Christian nation, society, and government. Shaeffer actually created a Christian commune in Europe. He was so influential he helped birth the new movement of the Religious Right. However, someone was willing to expose the horrible doctrine taught there – his own son Frank Shaeffer Jr. who blogs here on Patheos.

Bachmann has actually proposed a Constitutional Amendment for the state of Minnesota banning gay marriage.  There really just is not enough room to put up what crazy stunts Bachmann has pulled over the years so I’ll just move on to the next ‘character’ in the book.


Roy Moore – Roy is the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He is a Dominionist Christian Activist that his worked his way up through the court system defending only Christian principles. He was in the news for his controversial stand for refusing to take down a 10 commandments post from outside an Alabama Courtroom. He was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court for this, and then got his position back there in early 2013.

He became a writer on WorldNetDaily but I’ve been unable to unearth any articles he has written there. Curious. Nonetheless he clearly believes that the Bible outweighs the Constitution and has said so on numerous occasions. Since he is not allowed to be an activist (since he is a state Supreme Court justice and all) his wife is now the President of an organization called The Foundation for Moral Law. They are an activist group dedicated to instilling Christian Dominion over the United States under the guise of Religious Liberty. What else is new?


Nevertheless, I shall now get back to some of the story. I’m doing my best not to expose the book in its entirety, but I find it very hard. These are some of the very extremists I find myself battling today with the Military Religious Freedom debate. But they are becoming more bold and moving into all branches of the government and attempting to circumvent the Constitution through any means possible.

Back to the plot

So after Palin’s pathetic two-term Presidency another Republican Teavangelical enters the White House and the laws being passed become even more ludicrous and unConstitutional. These laws get challenged by non-profit organizations that were designed to protect Constitutional freedoms. However, the fact that Palin and the new President have assigned Christian Activist judges to the SCOTUS, these laws do stay intact and do indeed become the law of the land. All of the people featured above (and a few fictional characters) are complicit in infiltrating the government with a theocratic agenda.

This book was even more eye-opening to me than some of my own activism. Sometimes I get caught up in fighting individual fights that I forget to sit back and take in the big picture. And this is it. It’s a theocratic plan that was put in place sometime in the 1970’s, took root in the 1980’s, and took off with the terrorist attacks of 2001. The Theocrats are attacking and they are doing it successfully.

Eventually, many parts of the country begin to fall to the Theocrats, while the more liberal bastions of society become emboldened to fight back. The US Military is used as the strong arm of the Teavangelicals as Martial Law is declared and the conservative base of the military begin to enact the theocratic measures put in place by the Dominionists in Congress and the Executive Branch. Civil war erupts but with these Dominionists having the backing of the military and the military industrial complex….the end result is inevitable.

America becomes a Christian Nation which turns the internet into the ‘Purity Web’, hinders free speech rights, enforces Christianity into everything from psychology to law enforcement. The final battle takes place in New York City and is quite riveting. And it’s what I spend too many hours of my days trying to fight. But the best way to counter this is first by informing the public. Some of the figures in the movement today were not featured as main characters in the book or weren’t mentioned. Some of these people weren’t big and famous until later this year as it were and that could be a big reason for it. So here are some other people you should look out for in the near future:

Ted Cruz – Ted is a junior US Senator who is the son of Dominionist Christian preacher Rafael Cruz. He is a follower of the Dominionist theology and has even been called the ‘Anointed One’ by his father. Becoming famous earlier this year for filibustering a bill in the Senate, which he then voted in favor of, he has no problem playing the bad guy. Because on FoxNews that makes him the good guy. Within that 21 hour filibuster he used David Barton’s Christian Revisionism as some of his examples of “freedom of religion.”

He believes that all Christians…well REAL Christians…have been “anointed as Kings” and need to exercise that kingly authority to take Dominion over the country. He’s publicly stated that marriage equality will lead to imprisonment of pastors for speaking out against it – ludicrous.


Rand Paul – That’s right my libertarian friends! I’m sorry to burst your Ayn Rand bubble but this man is also a Dominionist Christian. If any of you think that he is the new Ron Paul…well the apple has certainly fallen far from the tree. Unlike his father, who wanted to push away the authority of the government from your private lives, Rand wants to ensure that Biblical Law becomes the law of the land.

He’s been much smarter than most of the other Dominionists by not publicizing his Dominionists ideals but if you dig for the information you will find it there. He is allied with Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, and David Lane. He regularly confers with big donors from these far right religious organizations. He has even called for a “holy war” on the LGBT community.

He was a speaker this last July at the very secret religious summit in Iowa (along with Cruz) that was hosted by David Lane and the far-right wing Christian Fascists.


William “Jerry” Boykin – This retired Army General is embedded deep within the ranks of the Religious Right. He is a member of the Family Research Council (a Christian hate group) and helped found the Restore Military Religious Freedom Foundation — which IS A HATE GROUP spawned by this man, Congressman Tim Hueslkamp, and Congressman John Fleming. Creating this group was a reaction to the successes of the ACTUAL Military Religious Freedom Foundation that is run by Mikey Weinstein. Mikey and MRFF have been so successful at fighting off the unconstitutional religious assaults of the Dominionists (and nominated for multiple Nobel Peace Prizes, mind you) that they had to create an organization based on lies to fight back.

When Jerry was in the military he violated the regulations on numerous occasions to press his message of Christian Dominion and proselytize in uniform. He was found in violation of regulations but never faced any real punishment probably because he was a 3 star General. He is actually pushing for an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would make bullying legal in uniform as long as it were done in the name of religion. The “Christian Right to Bully” Amendment. For more info on this monster click here.



There’s a whole lot more

I could write ten blogs on this but I don’t even have the time at the moment. Although this has inspired me to start a new page on the front section of Rock Beyond Belief. I am going to lay out bios, pics, and detailed information on the big players who are trying to derail the Constitution in the name of religion. I know there are many groups trying to derail the Constitution, and some of them are doing it successfully, but I suppose we can only pick one battle at a time.

I don’t know how plausible it is but I could foresee these Dominionists breaking off from the Republican Party and attempting to create their own “pure” party. If they follow the doctrine and theology of R.J. Rushdooney (the founder of Dominionism) then they may start calling themselves Christian Libertarians – just a fancy made-up phrase that sounds politicky but really means they want to politically stamp out everything they see as immoral in the eyes of Christianity.

If you think it can’t happen here, think again. These people are just the tip of the iceberg. Sure, things are better now than they were 100 years ago, but empires have fallen and almost always they are destroyed from within. I like liberty. I devoted my life to defending it. I’m not naive enough to think we can’t screw this up for ourselves. The book is eye-opening…and I’d suggest you read it.



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