Family Research Council and their Values Voter Summit

Family Research Council and their Values Voter Summit October 13, 2013

Here’s a little clip that’s interesting. It’s the military panel put on by the hate-group FRC

In it you’ll notice the now exposed liar Senior Master Sgt Monk. The DOD recently brought out a report stating that he was not relieved of command or fired. He fabricated all the events that transpired as he was scheduled to PCS to another unit many many months prior to the supposed “event” having taken place.

If you have 30 minutes to waste go ahead and watch this mindless drivel. Even if you don’t you should watch it anyways. These people are all liars and are trying to destroy the Constitution.

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  • Pop

    Hmmm…biased? Documents don’t lie…

    • Paul Loebe

      He lied. He’s a liar. Documents don’t lie. They show him lying.

  • Pop
    • Ryan Jean

      You really do fall for the superficial as if it were profound, don’t you?

      The first media articles I’ve found came out August 16th, 2 days after he began working at the new unit. Even that far back, it was acknowledged that his replacement had arrived the same day he came back from leave, so he immediately took the new post. Date corrections, even retroactively, are extremely common for military paperwork; a general window is plotted out in order to ensure all parties are on the same page and that things like moving families, etc. can be covered (without orders, those don’t happen); later on, when exact dates are specified, paperwork is finalized. Depending on the nature and type of paperwork, it may be re-doing it or it may be publishing an amendment.

      Look at his claims, though:
      — Despite the fact that an E8 would damn-well know better and that everyone questioned agreed he wanted to take leave to get away, he said he was “forced” to take leave. The leave form had to be filled out BY HIM to request the time off.
      — His own statements indicated he knew his replacement would be coming sooner than the original block window date and that he would have to take the new post as soon as that happened.
      — The paperwork conclusively shows that the transfer was pre-scheduled for a considerable time, so he was not reassigned out of any malice in any universe whatsoever.
      — He had to CONCUR to the change of dates, including to the adjustment, and he could have indicated no in order to show standing.
      — Even if every single thing he claimed could be substantiated, even the things we now know are unambiguously false, the literal worst case would be being transferred several weeks early; hardly the “pending courts martial” that Faux News and others were claiming was already in the works.

      • Nichelle Wrenn

        THIS is spot on. I served and know first hand that PCSing (changing duty locations) takes forever and requires tons of paperwork that you have to sign..

  • Fred Bailey

    Well, they can lie. Anything connected with house apes can always lie. Still, the terse points made by this blogger are spot on.

  • Paul Loebe

    I’ll have a detailed break-down of the lies perpetuated here in a later post.

  • Paul Loebe

    Funny thing – him appearing at this conference was a violation of DOD regulations.