Be Secular is hosting “Common Ground Activism”

Be Secular is hosting “Common Ground Activism” November 8, 2013

The Christian Left

If you have never heard of the Christian Left they are an organization of liberal and progressive Christians. They are Christians who are also secularists (sound familiar). They are our allies that believe the separation of church and state is a GOOD thing.

 Mark Sandlin a Presbyterian minister and co-founder of the Christian Left is joining forces with       Jerry DeWitt, the Evangelical minister-turned atheist. Just like what it sounds they are speaking about “common ground” and what believers and non-believers can do together to accomplish change.

They will be speaking at Johns Hopkins University on January 11. Tickets are still available but I would grab them now before they sell out.

Thanks to Be Secular for putting on this wonderful event.

If you want any more information you can order your tickets and learn more HERE!


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