Some of the better hate mail

Some of the better hate mail December 11, 2013

Well since I’m on to posting mail I’ll show some short snippets of funny stuff I’ve received today.

From Shawn via Facebook

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My reply

And a good day to you sir!


From Bob via Facebook

You are an excellent example of the saying “only the GOOD die young”. Like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

My reply

And a Happy Holidays to you!


From Chuck via Facebook

Paul Loebe is a Jack Ass who infringes on my rights as a Retired Air Force member. Don’t Like the nativity, stay away. Why should the Air Force bow to your dumb ass.

My reply


From Jack via Facebook (who threatened me on my wall and I later blocked)

Can you explain why it is all atheists are such miserable douchebags?

I couldn’t respond as he was already blocked.


From the great legend Babe Ruth

Loebe – it’s always amazed me that a low life worthless piece of shit scum bag such as yourself is so intimidated by Christianity that you spend all of your time helplessly trying to squash all things related. A Nativity scene gets so under your skin that you  foolishly will go to any length to have it removed. I often wonder what motivates the mind of an atheist. An atheist coward such as yourself has really no purpose in life other than to try and destroy Christianity which you and I both know will never ever happen. You are a waste of space with no life. You can whine and cry and pout all you want to but Christianity will always be here thriving regardless of you or your organizations futile attempts to impose your ignorant beliefs or lack of I should say.
Merry Christmas

My response

Babe Ruth,

Thank you so much for your kind Christian words! I can feel the love flowing through your words and I’m happy that I was able to bring a little bit of the Constitutional spirit back to your holiday fervor. I am afraid, however, that you do not understand what cowardice is. Cowardice is sitting behind a keyboard typing in unbridled anger towards an individual you’ve never encountered and lambasting them for upholding and defending the document upon which this nation was founded, the Constitution of the United States of America. Do you know how many men and women in service have died to give you the privilege to be able utilize that free speech the Constitution affords you?

I would say the waste of space is not me, but rather resides in the recesses of where your brain-housing group should be located. I’d say it’s high time you cleaned it out, reeducated yourself, and got back on track to understanding the principles this nation was founded upon. Freedom of religion requires that all faiths, that includes none, are represented when put forward with governmental approval.

For your knowledge 41 individuals complained about the nativity scene. 39 of them were Christians….although I’m assuming they were just the “wrong kind of Christian” according to you.

Semper Fidelis!

I responded to quite a few more but they were less hateful and more confused and inquiring. So I responded kindly to them.

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  • Mike

    Keep up the good work!!

    • Paul Loebe

      Thanks! I’ll try.

  • Nick Wride

    Such hate in the name of Baby Jesus. Nothing much new to see here. Have a great Roman Pagan Holiday Season. 🙂

  • dagobarbz

    Happy Festivus!