Shaw Air Force Base Complying with Regulations

Shaw Air Force Base Complying with Regulations December 12, 2013

I received this email within the last hour and felt like I should share it with you.

I am a USAF fighter pilot stationed here at Shaw AFB, SC. I am also one of the MRFF clients who asked for help in the matter of the nativity scene erected at Memorial Lake here on base in violation of DoD and USAF regs.

My spouse and I and a number of others (we’re all practicing Christians of some type or another) who are clients of the MRFF in my Fighter Sq. just wanted to say thank you for stepping up here. The level of ignorance about religious matters and the regs and even the Constitution is just so hard to believe here in the 20th Fighter Wing. Not much better in other places I’ve been stationed. If you try to say something you will be ostracized and it will stick and follow you all over the Air Force. We are seeing you all really take the heat for stepping up for us. It is appreciated so much. Sorry they are jacking you up for doing the right thing. We are all telling our kids and families what you have done for us. Hard for the young ones to understand but some do.

We’ve just been told that the “new and improved” Nativity display will be going up on the base chapel grounds at noon today. About an hour from now. That’s where it should always have been. We all have you heroes at the MRFF to thank for that happening.

Please do not use my contact information but the rest of this is ok to go out.

Thank you for being Shaw’s best Wingman, MRFF!


(USAF Fighter Pilot’s name, rank, squadron all withheld)

So there you have it. I, for one, am quite happy with a nativity scene being placed at the chapel as we originally advised the staff at the base to do. If anyone wants to drive by and check it out with their families I highly encourage it. Happy Holidays!

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  • Madison

    I’m a military atheist and I definitely don’t see a problem with a creche going up on base. However, it SHOULD be erected on the grounds of the chapel. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating your religious beliefs; on the contrary, I’m of the opinion that it’s a good thing, considering we live in a free country. However, this stigma around atheists “just needing to get over it” needs to stop. Really. Most of us aren’t trying to start trouble. However, religion is a personal choice, and you remove MY choice when you tell me to just “get over it”. Keep religion where it belongs: at the chapel.