We’re destroying Christmas, you say?

We’re destroying Christmas, you say? December 17, 2013

My friend said this:

I feel like I need to clear something up.

Those of us who feel that courthouses and public areas should not display nativity scenes, crosses, and the ten commandments, do not feel this way because your religion offends us. We do not feel this way because we think your religion offends others. No one should ever be offended by the beliefs of others. That’s just ridiculous. It’s like being offended by someone else’s thoughts. The thought itself cannot harm you…it’s what is done about the thought that causes concern.

Anyway, the fact is that these are places which represent the public and, as such, they must NOT endorse any particular religion. Not everyone in American is Christian. I know that’s just a horrible, horrible thing to some of you, but it is also very, very true. We are not a Christian nation. We are a nation with a Christian majority. Those two things are not the same thing.

We are a nation founded on the idea that everyone should be free to practice or not practice the religion of their choices. Our freedom to practice that religion does not extend to imposing it on anyone else. Your freedom ends where mine begins.

The sooner people learn that, the better.

Happy Holidays.

Seems legit.

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  • Couldn’t’ve said it better. So annoyed when people ask why I’m “offended” by religious displays on public property, as if it’s my feelings at stake instead of the historical constitutional principle of religious disestablishment.

    • Paul Loebe

      Yes, my feelings have nothing to do with the matter…. But apparently theirs do?

      • I’ve seen a load of emotional hand-wringing over this stuff, almost entirely from the “Christians are being oppressed when they aren’t allowed to hijack public spaces” contingent. The hyperventilation and fainting couches do nothing

        • Paul Loebe

          Sounds familiar to something I’ve seen in the atheist movement…

          • David Ansell

            Like what?

          • Paul Loebe

            The radical SJW side of things. I refuse to engage with them anymore.

  • Cat

    “We are not a Christian nation. We are a nation with a Christian majority. Those two things are not the same thing.”

    Love that!!

    • Cafeeine

      I would go one step further and point out that the US is a nation where the various Christian denominations comprise a majority. In order to get this majority, you need to lump methodists with catholics and baptists, to name the biggest groups, none of whom would like to live in a country governed by either of the other two.

  • shane_c

    Why would the same people that think government ruins everything want it to be involved in their religion?

  • Echo G

    It’s a great explanation- I wish I had more opportunities to use it! Unfortunately, the folks who throw the “war on Christmas” crap at me tend not to be interested in learning about why I feel the way I do.

    • Paul Loebe

      Yup. I just tell them I defend the Constitution both in and out of uniform. They don’t much like that.

  • rg57

    How do they rationalize saying this isn’t about beliefs and thoughts, when the displays are simply representative (i.e. expressive of) those beliefs and thoughts, and the SOLE reason such displays aren’t allowed on public lands in the US is because not everyone shares these same beliefs and thoughts?

    How do they rationalize never being offended by beliefs, when many beliefs necessarily lead to oppression of minorities? Beliefs don’t simply reside dormant in the mind. They result in action, or suppress action.

  • northierthanthou.com

    The war on Christmas is absolutely a dodge by the right wing, an effort to solidify church and state connections, and to do so without acknowledging that this is what they are up to.

    • Defenseman13

      Christmas? You mean that holiday stolen from the pagans?

      • Derrik Pates

        Oh, come on, it’s not like they didn’t add anything. Christians gave us… a new name for it! And a crushing helping of Christian guilt, but hey, you get that all year round.

  • Sick n tired

    They’re not imposing their religion on you. The people who run public areas are just that. PEOPLE. Fallible humans who are just trying to survive in this crazy world like anyone else. And now you want to tell them they can’t celebrate their own religion because it makes YOU feel a tiny bit uncomfortable. Oh no! If only we had clean, running water and grocery stores to make you feel better! Ohhh wait… Really, all I’m saying is that I think this public notion that people who run public areas and/or government are somehow, magically, more than human. Why don’t we stop pointing fingers at one another and start doing something that matters?

    • David Ansell

      I’m “sick n’ tired” of people like you misrepresenting this issue. Nobody is saying they can’t celebrate their own religion. Why do you whiney people keep saying this? What we are saying is they can’t use facilities paid for by the general public to promote their particular sectarian belief. Why can’t you admit this is exactly what they are doing , intentionally or not, when they erect nativity scenes on public property and the Ten Commandments in taxpayer funded institutions? They can display anything they like on their own property or on their churches property. And they can celebrate their religion as loudly and joyously as they want on their own time. Nobody is saying they can’t!

    • Kevin R. Cross

      We are doing something that matters. We’re defending the Constitution of the United States.
      If you don’t think that matters, there is something wrong with you.

    • Paul Loebe

      You are dumber than fuck. Please, unfuck yourself!

      Happy holidays, dipwad!

    • Gehennah

      Who is keeping them from celebrating their religion?

      What we ask for them to do, is celebrate it in their personal lives and not while they are at work, and to not display it on public land paid for by tax dollars.