NERD ALERT: Call of Duty

NERD ALERT: Call of Duty May 2, 2014

So the new call of duty trailer is out

House of Cards? 

For any House of Cards fans out there you know that Kevin Spacey is clearly the shit!

Although, as humanists, that should mean that we despise House of Cards amiright? I don’t know. Most of the people I am friends with feel abhorrent towards the type of horrible character that Kevin Spacey portrays as the Congressman turned – *Spoiler Alert* – you-know-who in House of Cards…..yet nonetheless are huge fans of his horrible and atrocious acts anyways

What does that tell us about homo sapiens subconsciously?

and yet we love the show and the character in that show…

Is this

Is this a continuation of that character? It sure would be fucking cool! I know from one military asshole to another I’m looking forward to this game!

Call of Duty, biotches!

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