Memorial Day has passed…

Memorial Day has passed… May 29, 2014

I haven’t ever really observed Memorial Day before. I have not maligned it nor just disregarded it, but I have never stopped and given the time to make remembrance. This year was especially hard for me. I went perusing through the military pages on facebook, typically filled with humor, insults, derogatory comments, veterans and active throwing jabs at one another…but not a single one was playing on that day. All the pages had were updates with pictures of the fallen.

It was rough on me. I perhaps had purposefully forgotten – or pushed out of my mind the friends and brothers who I’d lost. Distancing oneself to loss for some sort of personal preservation.

There were lots of familiar faces up on those pages. And it got to me. I wrote a little something out that I shared, divulging my feelings. I guess I’ll just drop it here

Today is not for veterans. It’s not for the living. It’s not for those currently serving. It’s for those that didn’t make it to become veterans. It’s for the fallen. Political ideologies aside – because it’s not about politics or war. It’s not even about patriotism or nationalism. Because that’s not what a single person in uniform has ever fought for. It’s about the man to your right and left. Today is about taking a moment to honor those that couldn’t come home with us that were to our right and left.

Enjoy your barbecues because you have earned it. Whether you have served or not this day isn’t about throwing a guilt trip on those that don’t think about the fallen. Just don’t degrade those of us that choose to honor them. Because it’s about individuals – not some imperialistic agenda.

To my fallen comrades:

LCpl Robert A. Lynch – July 24, 2007
Cpl James McRae – July 24, 2007
Cpl Matthew Zindars – July 24, 2007
HN Daniel S. Noble – July 24, 2007
Sgt Ronald A. Rodriguez – August 23, 2010
Sgt Jose L. Saenz – August 9, 2010

Semper Fidelis


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