Carrie Underwood: Not a Single Atheist Cares What You Sing

Carrie Underwood: Not a Single Atheist Cares What You Sing October 4, 2014

Carrie Underwood fans have recently been on a tirade bashing atheists for allegedly bashing her for singing about….*gasp* Jesus!

Imagine that. A privileged Christian white woman from a predominantly privileged Christian white culture has released a song praising the predominant religious figure of her own religious preference which falls in line with 70% of the nation’s citizens. Imagine that!

Oh the backlash has been intense or so says the conservative Christian tabloids that have been perpetuating this tall tale. So I’ve decided to do some research, because, ya know, such a claim should obviously be backed by reality as it were. We ALL know that Christian persecution claims are typically backed by reality…(that hyperlink leads to an article debunking said persecution claims for those Christians perusing this article who don’t understand sarcasm)

In my research I looked for a single atheist speaking out against this song that Carrie Fisher ….sorry, I accidentally typed in the name of a famous “Carrie” that I actually know….*ahem, clear throat*….Carrie Underwood..? Where was I? Oh yes, So I looked very hard for the first atheist to speak out against Carrie Underwood singing about Jesus (something she has oddly done before with little no criticism  in the past).

Here is what my research found:

…a single post on Facebook by Ed Brayton the owner of Freethoughtblogs, where I used to write. What was his response? It was a “bleh” of forgettable proportions.


Well, there must be a single atheist blog out there bashing Frank Underwood sorry…I wrote about the only Underwood I know about this time. My bad!

Oh! If you haven’t seen the epic show by Netflix titled “House of Cards” you have NO IDEA what you are missing out on!!! I’ve never been captivated by many shows on television. I’ve always been more of a book fan myself, whether it was reading the epic fantasy ‘Lord of the Rings’, Terry Brooks ‘Shanarra’ series – which is being turned into a TV series!!!! or….wait a sec. There was a purpose to this blog, no?

Oh that’s right. Conservative Christian Country Singer Sings Country Christian Song. What was the controversy again?…

Oh right…

So I researched the “controversy” (pun intended) and found these links:

Atheists Viciously Attack Carrie Underwood’s New Song, Want it Banned

Carrie Underwood’s Brand New Song Making Atheists Mad as Hell

This Famous Music Star has a New Song Out, Atheists are Going to Hate it. Listen Here

Are Atheists Mad at Carrie Underwood’s New Song?

All of these articles supposedly got their information from The Blaze, the hackjob conservative website posing as a site that has journalistic integrity. As it appears in the original article from the Blaze, though, even Beck didn’t feel the need to perpetuate some false claim of Christian persecution. It appears one of these four sites listed above created this controversy out of thin air.

Here’s the Real Deal

Atheists don’t care about Carrie Underwood singing about her faith in Jesus. We really don’t. This is just another attempt by the conservative jackasses pretending to be Christians (because their “belief system” and treatment of others falls way out of line with the actual teachings of Jesus in the Bible) to prey upon atheists, as we are the most mistrusted group of people in the United States, even more so than Muslims, which are under constant assault from the media and the war-mongering neocons.

In fact not only do atheists not care, atheists like myself support Carrie Underwood. Atheists like myself support free speech and the freedom of expression of one’s religious preference, especially to Americans who are afforded that luxury as one of our Constitutional rights. As atheists we understand that expressing one’s religious beliefs (or in our case the lack thereof) is an intrinsic right that should be afforded all people on the planet. However, as the least trusted demographic in the United States, we understand that everyone (atheists specifically) are not allowed to express their religious preference because bigoted and hateful people may wreck lives and lifestyles as a result of this free expression.

Not only that….

Carrie Underwood is one of the “real Christians” that I have witnessed on the national stage. She has publicly stood against the mainstream conservative Christian viewpoint of hating homosexuals. She has been a staunch supporter of LGBT rights and the push for marriage equality. Why would we, atheists, who have been allies of the LGBT movement long before it was popular hold hate against an ally? Why? If her actions towards the LGBT community run anathema to the core values of conservative Christianity could this not be indicative of her support towards the true ‘freedom of’ and ‘freedom from’ religion in the United States? I sure think it could.

So, how about it Carrie Underwood? Where do you stand for religious freedom? Are you in support of atheists and our right to be left alone, to not being forced to listen to unwanted proselytization? Are you an ally of atheists? Do you continue to stand against the bigots who espouse the name of Christ as their religion but continue to live in opposition to his message of love?

Are you the type of Christian that I would be willing to sit down and toast a drink with?

It’s an honest and serious inquiry, Carrie Underwood. I’m no country music fan. I’m no American Idol fan. I’m no fan of yours, nor do I really follow you. But within the last couple hours of researching you what I have found….has been something I would not shy from. Are you a friend? Are you an ally of religious freedom? Or will you stand with the bigots using not only your “Christ’s” name in vain, but also tarnishing yours as well?

What say you Carrie Underwood? What say you?

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