The Shaming Of Kim Davis

The Shaming Of Kim Davis September 4, 2015

It takes a lot to get me to write in the atheist forum these days. I’ve found no drive to do it in quite  a long time, but this recent incident where Kim Davis, the County Clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses to LGBTQ couples has given me cause to write again. However, I’m not writing about her but rather the treatment she received as a result of her stupid actions.

Her actions were absolutely stupid. They were bigoted, hateful, wrong, illegal, wholly unconstitutional, and more. She went into a courtroom, faced the judge, and accepted the consequences of her actions, thinking that somehow she is serving a grand purpose in the eyes of her god.


Good for her.

She’s a foolish martyr for the cause of hate. And the backlash from atheists and many political liberals was astounding! Now, when I first started blogging about religion, atheism, secularism, and the like I was quite a firebrand. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, in my opinion, so long as you’re directing that passion in the right direction. To me that direction was the government’s attempt at enforcement of one religion over all others, and that was Christianity every single time.

Looking back I now know why my response was so strong and vitriolic towards the institution and many believers; I had grown up experiencing a warped extreme version of that religion. And that’s what Kim Davis is knee deep in. She is a member of the Apostolic/Pentecostal movement. They fall under the Dominionist umbrella of Christianity and believe it is in their mandate to transform every part of society into a vessel for Christ. They are very conservative, dictating the types of clothing men and women can wear. They forbid women to cut their hair. And they even have private schools set up all across the nation, which thanks to many lawmakers of both major political parties can now be paid for with our tax dollars due to the voucher system.

I know about this school of belief. I was entrenched in it. And it’s not fun. It’s never fun. I was in the school system taught by the Apostolic movement. They utilized the Accelerated Christian Education system (ACE). It is a horrendous method of learning that strips you of individuality, critical thinking, and free will. It also doesn’t teach you anymore than “you are to do God’s will” and if you don’t find that message in prayer, then your pastor will tell you what to do. But she’s a grown woman. She took on this faith in the last four years and made the choice as an adult. It doesn’t change anything from my perspective. It’s still a horrible system where the devout are kept in little boxes and any deviation from their ordinances of “the norm” result in heavy shaming and guilt.


So the response I saw towards Mrs. Davis was horrendous. I’ve seen vitriol lobbed against atheists when I was a fundamentalist. I’ve also seen it lobbed against Christians – all Christians, not just merely the fundamentalists – by so many atheists. I get joking and poking fun at belief systems you find to be ridiculous. I still do it. But that’s a far cry from what I’ve seen thrown in the direction of Kim Davis. Is she wrong? Yes. Is she breaking the law? Yes. I think anything outside of that is quite frankly irrelevant.

And the response I saw was nothing less than disgusting. I witnessed Kim Davis shamed for the way she dressed, though it was keeping in tradition with her religious beliefs. This from the same people who would flip shit if someone were to insult Muslim women for wearing a hijab. Same people. Different actions. That makes YOU the hypocrites.

On top of that, her additional marriages and situation with the way she has children who were brought into this world via adultery and a really weird situation of four marriages and three husbands. Does it make her a hypocrite? Yes. Yes, it does. Does it actually change anything by continually addressing the issue? Not really. Growing up in a fundamentalist culture, there is not a single person in any fundamentalist environment who isn’t a hypocrite.

I can also tell you that so many people in that environment live high on their emotions. That is ultimately what guides much of the movement. It’s extreme highs and extreme lows. Depression, thoughts of suicide, feelings of unworthiness, and a constant fear of eternal damnation for not doing the smallest things correctly. It’s a truly horrifying life to live and one I’m glad that I don’t live. But I have lived it.

And that’s why I’m pretty angry at the verbal assaults being lodged by secularists. That attack by secularists holds no weight with me anymore. Of course they are hypocrites! How is that news? How is that relevant to the issue at hand: violating the orders of the Supreme Court of the United States. Atheists and secularists are good at critical thinking. But they seriously lack in compassion or empathy. That’s one of the reasons I quit blogging in this community. It’s one of the reasons I stopped being an activist. It reminds me of fundamentalism.

Sure, you’re smarter than most fundamentalists. You can provide amazing advances to humanity and society. But you are some of the least compassionate and empathetic people I have ever encountered on the planet.

And I’m saying that after having been shot at in war.

Take it for whatever it’s worth. Or just insult and degrade my opinion on the subject.

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