June 25, 2019

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) just had its big Annual Meeting this year. There, they featured three main messages. First, they registered dim awareness of the huge sex-abuse scandal engulfing their denomination. Second, they outlined their response to that scandal. And third, they drilled down harder than ever on their culture wars–and sent a firm message to those clamoring for changes. Today, let me show you how we know where their real priorities are, what their real message was, and… Read more

June 24, 2019

Today I wanted to catch everyone up on the State of the Blog–and hints about some new projects I have in mind for the future! (And what better way to punctuate things than with cat pictures?) Read more

June 22, 2019

This time around, our brave widdle culture warriors flew into a lather over a television show called Good Omens. Let me introduce you to them, and show you what they’re so angry about. Then, we’ll look at what that anger means for them–and us. Read more

June 20, 2019

Since we’ve been talking about the SBC’s decline generally lately, it fits in quite well. Today, we look at why the SBC’s various leaders seem so singularly incapable of leading the denomination back to power–and why they’re only going to get worse as the religion’s decline continues. Read more

June 18, 2019

It’s hard to tell which is worse: the sex-abuse scandal as it is, or the SBC’s lack of interest in addressing that scandal in any meaningful way. Today, let me show you how the SBC treated the victims of that scandal at their 2019 Annual Meeting (#SBC2019), and what that treatment shows about their priorities–and their future.  Read more

June 17, 2019

Written at the height of the Satanic Panic back in the 1980s, this novel provides us a glimpse into the mindset of today’s Christian culture warriors. It captures the forces that created those culture warriors. Now, we turn our gaze to the stereotypes in the book that concern women. Today, Lord Snow Presides over a rainbow of mischaracterizations and strawmen–er, strawwomen! Read more

June 15, 2019

From all the Daddy God blathering to the Heavenly Father crowd, Christians can’t resist comparing their imaginary friend to a real live father. And more than that, in their viewpoint, he’s not just exactly like a real live father–he’s better than any human father could ever be. Today, let me show you why that idea is both nonsensical and insulting to decent fathers everywhere. Read more

June 13, 2019

This time around, the SBC’s 2019 Annual Meeting has a slightly different flavor. And some of the stuff happening this year might well be unprecedented in the denomination’s recent history. Join me today for a look at what’s going on–and why it might be important to us. Read more

June 11, 2019

The ‘Abuse of Faith’ scandal happened right on the heels of the denomination’s other sex-abuse scandal. And both are ongoing while the denomination struggles to overcome tanking membership numbers. As Southern Baptists gear up for their big Annual Meeting and Bigotry Jamboree, which began today, let’s look at how they’ve chosen to address all of these staggering problems. Read more

June 10, 2019

We meet an honest-to-goodness demon, learn about the dangers of higher education, see fundagelical parenting in action, and encounter another weirdly-persuasive evil character. Today, Lord Snow Presides over a crash course in more right-wing Christian prejudices in This Present Darkness. Read more

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