September 22, 2021

Today, let’s see how wingnuts like Patrice Lewis assess truth claims in the first place. They do it a lot differently from reality-based people, and I think it’s important to lay that information out before we dive into her specific claims. Read more

September 21, 2021

If wingnuts get their way in a squabble, then they have gained or held their power and all is well in Wingnut Land that day. If they do not get their way, then they have lost power, and that is very bad. Read more

September 20, 2021

Earlier, I saw a story in Science News about an advance in chocolate tempering that might really help candy makers in the future. It’s a cool story, don’t get me wrong. Just for my money, nothing beats the sheer glorious chemistry of one particular use of chocolate. Today, Lord Snow Presides over the perfect marriage of science and deliciousness: chocolate ganache.  Read more

September 19, 2021

Strangely, Christians all know that they’re not supposed to be dishonest. And yet here we are, dealing with nonstop Christian dishonesty. This situation won’t change, either, thanks to toxic Christians’ endless rationalizations for their dishonesty. Today, let’s check out some of them out — and see why they completely fail to fix toxic Christians’ credibility problem. Read more

September 18, 2021

Christians’ dishonesty around their lack of evidence matters way more than that lack of evidence itself. Today, let me show you why. Read more

September 17, 2021

Many Christians point to Josephus as PROOF YES PROOF that their mythology has real and true historical roots. As we’ll see, though, it’s not that at all. And Christians’ dishonesty about Josephus has some real implications for Christianity as a whole. Read more

September 16, 2021

Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, we talked about toxic Christians. These authoritarian zealots are destroying Christianity’s chances of ever returning from its decline. Despite the damage they do, Christian leaders find themselves completely incapable of either reforming their toxic members or casting them out. Also despite the known problem toxic Christians represent, nobody’s allowed, ever, to cite them as a reason for leaving their church. Today, let’s examine the hand-waving around toxic Christians as a reason for disaffiliation — and… Read more

September 15, 2021

Hi and welcome back! Recently, I ran into a few different articles on Christian sites that all discussed a common problem. Namely, Christians themselves drastically influence their groups’ recruitment and retention rates. It made me laugh, though, because I know that the Christians who need to clean up their act the most have the least interest in doing so. They’d rather be toxic to the very end than be slightly nicer and maybe help their Dear Leaders hold onto just… Read more

September 14, 2021

Today, let’s check out the SBC’s success claims regarding this most recent Baptism Sunday — and see what might be going on there in reality. Read more

September 13, 2021

Hi and welcome back! Oh my gosh, today’s story blew my mind. I loved it. A cat at a sports game found himself in grave peril — and people rallied to rescue him. It reminded me of all the times I’ve seen people (including myself) go out of our way to get endangered animals to safety. Today, Lord Snow Presides over the many ways that humans try to help our animal friends when we can. (You know the drill! This… Read more

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