Grab your dicebag. We’re going in.

Grab your dicebag. We’re going in. May 8, 2013


Sometimes you just get lucky and make the roll that defines all lucky rolls for all time. Sometimes you’re the low-level noob in the party facing off against some impossibly strong and dangerous illusion and you’re the only one who makes the saving roll to disbelieve. How do you save your party? How do you help them believe that you can see through the illusion when it seems so real to them?

I’m not going to pretend to be an advanced apologist. I have a degree, but it sure isn’t in theology or Bible studies. I’m just a normal person. I’ve been out of Christianity for about 20 years, but I can’t credit superhuman intelligence or hugely-discerning wisdom with what led me to see through its abuses. But I can think, and I can spot a bad argument when I see it, and I can tell when someone’s using sophistry to make up for a lack of evidence.

Come explore the dungeon with me. I’ll take you over the trail I used to backtrack my way out, and maybe you’ll see a few new things along the way. (We probably won’t talk an awful lot about the mechanics of gaming after the first push, so if you’re not a gamer, don’t worry too much.)

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