A Quick Little Housekeeping Post

A Quick Little Housekeeping Post April 29, 2014

Housekeeping stuff–

* For some reason a slew of feedback comments just came in. Some of them are a few days old. I’ve got no idea why I didn’t see them before here or in my email, but I think I’ve got everybody covered. I promise I wasn’t ignoring anybody; I respond to all feedback comments unless otherwise directed. I love hearing from y’all so I was wondering why things seemed so quiet there.

* I didn’t realize that the email announcements were sending out entire copies of the blog entries. Yikes! I am so sorry! I know these entries can get kind of long sometimes and I didn’t want to clog your emails. I’ve got it set now (I think) to just send summaries. I’m still a noob at this blogging thing so if you see some technical thing I’m doing wrong, please absolutely tell me.

* Seriously, y’all are the best readership and commenting gang in the whole wide world. We’re coming up on the one-year mark and straight up, I never would have ever imagined things would have progressed like they have. I’ve met such amazing people, heard such astonishing and heartwarming things, and feel more than ever like we are all connected no matter what our belief systems may look like. It’s been a beyond-incredible journey, and I am so honored and touched that you have chosen to join me for it.

Next time we’ll be talking about a very long journey indeed–across the world! See you tomorrow.

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