Roll to Disbelieve May-Flowers Super Special! (#9)

Roll to Disbelieve May-Flowers Super Special! (#9) May 11, 2019

Welcome back! April showers sure brought May flowers around here! In honor of the first bout of actually-nice weather in my town, I offer up a Super Special of past posts from Roll to Disbelieve. The theme today: Moms, Miracles, and Meaningfulness. Enjoy!

(Keenan Barber.) Not shown: a god who made all of those stars and galaxies just so humans would one day be required to memorize constellations for science class.

Mother’s Day.

I got lucky.

Finding Meaning in Life.

The weird part really is that I didn’t achieve happiness, understand love, or find meaning in life until after I deconverted from Christianity. A religion pushing all of that as essential recruitment promises should be able to deliver on at least some of it. But here we are.

Miracles for Sale!

It’s really a best-case scenario for Christians that their miracle claims constantly get debunked. Not kidding. Not even close.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Super Special! Thanks for being part of this blog. Y’all are the BEST. <3

NEXT UP: On Monday, of course, we have Lord Snow Presides, where we’ll kick off the party with a very famous–and incredibly bad–Christian glurge novel. Then, we dive into a singularly failed Christian promise–in my eyes, the worst failure of them all. See you next time!

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Captain Cassidy grew up fervently Catholic, converted to the SBC in her teens, and became a Pentecostal shortly afterward. She even married an aspiring preacher! But then--record scratch!--she brought everything to a screeching halt when she deconverted in her mid-20s. That was 25 years ago. Now a comfortable None, she blogs on Roll to Disbelieve about psychology, pop culture, politics, relationships, cats, gaming, and more--and where they all intersect with religion. You can read more about the author here.
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