Roll to Disbelieve Turkey Day Super Special! (#14)

Roll to Disbelieve Turkey Day Super Special! (#14) November 28, 2019

Hi and welcome back! Today’s that happy day when Americans celebrate fun, family, and delicious food. Well, theoretically that’s what happens, anyway. If you need to escape, recharge, or just relax, allow me to present you with a bunch of curated posts here today. Find a nice quiet guest bathroom to hunker down in and enjoy these blasts from the past! Let’s get this party started!

a woman amid autumn leaves
(Jakob Owens.) Happy Turkey Day!

Stuff Authoritarians Like: Redefining Words.

Back when I was a fundagelical myself, we liked to say that our god had created the universe with a song. I don’t remember exactly why they thought so, maybe something about aleph. All the same, they expressed this idea with an exhilarated smile and often accompanying hand gestures. This belief, plus the myth about our god making Adam name the animals in Eden, led to our certainty that language and words not only made us human but also gave us power over stuff as if we were mini-gods ourselves. If we could name something (“bind it”) here on earth, that meant we controlled it in our imaginary world as well.

Maybe that’s why that crowd so loves redefining words. The more important the word is, the more they warp it into unrecognizability. When you have any kind of engagement with someone like that, be aware that they might be using the same words you are, but they may mean something completely, totally different.

And here’s what I mean by that:

The Redefinitions Series.

In that vein, I wrote a bunch of posts very early on about the actual words that evangelicals redefined.

Life After Deconversion.

I had to totally reinvent the wheel just to deconvert. But that was nothing compared to figuring out how to handle life outside of Christianity.

And here’s a send-off post for you!

Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and if you don’t, then have a great Thursday doing whatever you decide to do! I hope you enjoyed this list of posts! I sure had fun making it for you.

NEXT UP: We look at a recent Christian survey–and get a reminder we didn’t even need about why we simply can’t trust any research done by evangelicals. Ugh, this was bad even by their standards. See you soon! <3

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Captain Cassidy grew up fervently Catholic, converted to the SBC in her teens, and became a Pentecostal shortly afterward. She even volunteered in church (choir, Sunday School) and married an aspiring preacher! But then--record scratch!--she brought everything to a screeching halt when she deconverted in her mid-20s. That was 25 years ago. Now a comfortable None, she blogs on Roll to Disbelieve about psychology, pop culture, politics, relationships, cats, gaming, and more--and where they all intersect with religion. And she still can't carry a note in a bucket. You can read more about the author here.
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