June 25, 2013

Ever known anybody who had a really tough time with trying anything new? I sure did. This one ex-boyfriend I had once was just terrified of trying new foods. Anything he ate had to be vetted well ahead of time, and he was one of those guys who could (and did) eat the same exact thing every single day for lunch at work. If it wasn’t bland, white, processed, and completely non-threatening to a Midwesterner, it did not get past… Read more

June 23, 2013

We hold the wisdom of the ages. We are the keepers of morality. We know how to best live. Outsiders can join if they’re sincere enough, but we don’t accept just anybody. We have secret rituals that all of us know and love, special outfits we wear to signify our specialness, and a leader whose behavior and motivations are unquestioned. We’re mean to outsiders and better than non-members. Our group confers big benefits upon those who make the cut, so… Read more

June 22, 2013

During a very painful and lonely stretch of my childhood, I did exactly what fundagelicals say everyone ought to do: I turned to Jesus. Today I’ll show you how well that worked out for me. Read more

June 21, 2013

Out of every other crime against humanity that a big swathe of Christianity has committed, and let me be clear here when I say that it’s committed quite a few, I’ve got to say that its war against non-straight people has got to be the one that its adherents will be apologizing for over and over again in the years to come–especially since I don’t think they’re going to have the privilege and influence to be able to spin this… Read more

June 19, 2013

(Before we get started, a bit of housekeeping–one of those Breatharians I mentioned a few posts ago decided to stop trying to photosynthesize and go back to semi-normal food. I’m sure we’re all shocked, given that her decision to starve herself to try to force her body to live on light amounts to her jumping off a cliff hoping she’ll force her body to grow wings before she hits bottom. I truly hope she finds whatever it is she’s seeking… Read more

June 18, 2013

The other day I got to watch a Christian speak with wide-eyed breathless earnestness about how he’d figured out how to follow Jesus in as Biblical a way as possible. Not stated but clearly implied was that everybody in the world who had some other idea was flat wrong about the subject. Oh, wait, no, he did actually clearly imply that, now that I think about it. And he was very proud of the fact that nobody really understood, much… Read more

June 16, 2013

Well, that’s not too inflammatory of a title, is it? But it’s true. I’m glad he isn’t. And here is why. When I was a Christian, I thought of my god as my father–a far better one than the one I currently had. I didn’t realize I was just reading into this concept of “god” what I most wished for, what I most needed in a father. I didn’t realize I was being very selective in seeing what I wanted… Read more

June 15, 2013

I just want to get this out in the open: it’s going to be fun writing this post without using any expletives as I’m aware that some blog reader apps filter cuss words; if my longtime friends are reading this blog and wondering just which space aliens finally kidnapped me and replaced me with a far-more-genteel changeling, that’s what happened. Ah, to hell with it (see? That escalated quickly). Hell hell hell hell. We’re going to be talking about HELL…. Read more

June 13, 2013

When I was a Christian, I not only firmly believed that I had a great and grand purpose in life, but that non-believers had no purpose at all. Let’s back up a minute and examine why I thought that, why it was such an insulting thing to think of others, and how I crawled out of that pit. One religious polling group decided that non-believers “have no purpose beyond comfort or pleasure.” And here’s a blogger who genuinely thinks atheists… Read more

June 12, 2013

ZOMG two posts in one day? I’m spoiling y’all! But this was on my mind. There’s a Connie Willis short story called “Even the Queen” wherein a group of women in the not-so-distant-future discuss menstruation at a ladies’ lunch. I ran into it when I was just out of college and in the process of deconverting from Christianity, and it had one bit that really sparked my interest: each of the women was apparently on a totally different fringe diet… Read more

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