November 28, 2013

There’s this guy named Teo Bishop who left Christianity to become a druid and he just reconverted to Christianity and apparently the sky fell and wait, I wasn’t paying attention, but who is Teo Bishop again? Are y’all as lost as I was hearing about this news? Let’s back up. Once upon a time there was a fellow named Matt Morris who was a Mouseketeer from a good Christian family. When he got older, he wrote some songs that got… Read more

November 26, 2013

I saw this impassioned plea made by a Christian for people to agree to disagree on the subject of women’s ordination. The writer of the piece, Tish Harrison, insists that “objection to women’s ordination is not equivalent to sexism.” The problem is that yes, actually, sexism is exactly what objecting to women’s ordination is equivalent to. Someone who objects to women’s ordination is saying, explicitly and completely in his or her out-loud voice, that someone can be disqualified from serving… Read more

November 24, 2013

Today we’re going to talk about cognitive dissonance, that feeling of discomfort humans get when we hold two very conflicting ideas in our heads at once. People do all kinds of stuff to soothe that discomfort, even make up lies out of whole cloth, and we’re seeing it happen more and more blatantly nowadays. I think it’s important to talk about it and figure out what’s going on so we can stop it and hold those doing it accountable. I’ve… Read more

November 23, 2013

As a rule of thumb, if your position depends upon lying to people to maintain itself and if you can’t use the truth alone to maintain it, it’s not the right or moral position to take. That’s why I speak out like I do against the network of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) that dot the United States. You’ve probably seen the bus benches and billboards: “Pregnant? Scared? Need help?” And a phone number. There might be a picture of a… Read more

November 21, 2013

UPDATE: Hi! I get a lot of drive-by commenters on this particular piece so I wanted to say something to them before we get started. No, I’m not Christian, but respectful Christians are quite welcome here. Here’s my About Page and here’s why I blog. Here is my “biography” tag if you’re wondering why I’m not Christian (start at the beginning, is my suggestion). Here’s the “Christians Behaving Badly” tag, which I use to discuss hypocrites at large–Joyce Meyer sure… Read more

November 20, 2013

Way back in the 1970s, a British Christian named Doreen Irvine wrote From Witchcraft to Christ. It was supposedly her “sensational true story of a woman rescued from Satan’s grasp by the power of God,” according to its tagline. And I’m sure you are already thinking about how accurate that tagline is. Read the reviews of the book on Amazon. Yes, I do know that sometimes these reviews aren’t totally honest, but still. Take a look at how many 5-star… Read more

November 19, 2013

It occurred to me that there are starting to get to be a rather unwieldy number of posts on here, and I should probably keep track of all this stuff somewhere, so I put together a resource page with all the series lists on it and some starting posts for newcomers to the blog. Hope it helps someone. I can’t believe I spent all this time on it! But I’m glad it’s finally done. Drop me a note or comment… Read more

November 19, 2013

As my country lurches toward the one day in the year when we are specifically thankful for stuff, I wanted to spend some extra time talking about stuff that makes me happy to be alive and part of the human tapestry. Especially with the news lately about how religion is destroying people’s lives and tearing societies apart, it’s nice to have something to lift the darkness a little. Before we get to the wonderful news, though, we have to mention… Read more

November 17, 2013

“There’s one born every minute,” the consummate showman P.T. Barnum said once, and that saying goes double for religious scams. The implication is that for every one of those every-ones born every minute, there is a person who is happy and willing to help them out with that little problem they were having of possessing money. But have you ever wondered what a con artist does when he gets caught? A few months ago, we talked about Tony Anthony, a… Read more

November 15, 2013

It’s been another of those weeks where this blog seems to have an embarrassment of riches in the “Christians Behaving Badly” department. This is another of those stories I think about when people try to head into “aww, what’s the harm?” territory. David Barton is not a neuroscientist or a trained clinical psychologist any more than he’s a credible, reputable historian (his sole degree is in “Religious Education” from Oral Roberts University), but like that stops any fundagelical right-winger from… Read more

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