Patron Dedications!

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Dedications from Our Supporters:

Absolutely Anonymous Person
Totally anonymously endorsed by the High Loreteller of the Path of Heroism.

Texan Butcher
It is what it is.
(This is a motto of my mom’s, and it is something that helps me get through the most anxious moments in my life. I also see a deeper meaning in it: reality is what it is, and no amount of magical thinking can change that.)

For a metaphorical field to safely frolic and gambol in.

In honor of the Reverend Clancy, one of the good ones.

Fine print: Dedications need to align with our Rules of Engagement. You can alter your dedication or have it removed at any time. Even if you drop or lower your patronage level, your dedication can remain. I put these in order of getting them, most recent first (which means Texan Butcher is our honorary Artor for the page!). Without your permission, I won’t use the text you provide anywhere else but here.