In Heaven and Earth….

In Heaven and Earth…. June 12, 2023

The timeless line in which Shakespear’s Hamlet utters to Horatio that “there are more things in heaven and earth that are dreamt of in your philosophies”.. proves remarkably timeless and almost always true in our lives.

Due to the notion of the Fall of Man, we can only experience God by circumstance, thru others, and in prayer.  Otherwise he was an entity completely known, and immediately accessible, before man betrayed him in Paradise.  This is not to say that God is not still spiritually accessible at anytime, but now in a different way.

The fact that we are physical beings and stuck in this physical plane- and as logic would dictate, should be accustomed to asking mostly questions of this physical world, makes perfect sense.  Still, as humans, we are so very compelled to ask ongoing questions about the spiritual or unknown…this is incredibly intriguing and telling. Obviously, we were meant for God, and God for us.

This internal instinct seems to be prima fascia proof of, and inurs to the probability, that God certainly must  exist.

God is indeed the greatest conceivable being, one of total love, mercy, unconditional omnipresence.  That is the understanding of the Christian God (even Muslims and certain ‘fundamentalist Christian’ groups don’t envision that kind of impartial God, one who is purely loving and forgiving, in ALL plausible  circumstances of life and sin)

We humans tend to explain things by our observation and cognitive limitations …we see purely action and result, logical assumptions.   We believe only that but what our eyes will show.

Logicians can attempt to extrapolate God all they want, but logic obviously also has its limitations.  Human intuition is far more illuminating.

Something or someone outside of time and space HAD to create time and space itself…which we know as our limitless God.   And such a God must have created us, an image of a creature in his image with the ability to discern, love, and be loved.  We are here, because it was necessary to be here, due to God’s overwhelming love, a  love that spilled into our reality.

St Thomas Aquinas saw things similarly in this vein … his concept of “necessary existence”,  in his seminal work “Summa Theologica”.

Interesting things to consider- as we go about sensing our living God, who is closer then our very breaths, while we remain in our temporary mortal coils…

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