Post Samhain Thoughts

Post Samhain Thoughts November 1, 2016

Photo by Sonja Sadovsky
Photo by Sonja Sadovsky

Our gathering this year was an informal affair.  The goal was to invite friends and family to come together to celebrate, honor, and recognize those who have passed beyond the veil.   We chose to invite them our feast and fire, to enjoy companionship and tell stories of their misadventures.  Several faiths were represented, Witches, Pagans, Jews, and Non-Denominational.  Various sexual orientations, child-free and family minded folks were represented.  We all brought something to set on the altar and a story to share, and this was also healing as it warmed my heart to have my friends, neighbors, and covenmates within arms reach simply sharing, and open.  We were all reminded that at the end of the day, this is what it’s all about. Gathering together, expressing, witnessing, healing.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the formality of high protocol (I am BTW with layers of solid Ceremonial), but there is something profound in simplicity.  I recognize that pomp and circumstance is necessary to create and contain a focused group mind, but when it comes to creating the sacred in mixed company, my best results come from sticking with the basics.  The consensus of the participants was that 2016 has been a tough go, so less became more.

Reflecting on what this holiday means to me is interesting, as my recent years have been rather full of transition, sacrifice, and change.  Kind of a non-stop Samhain energy for the past 3 years or so, but this year I finally felt it.  That energetic shift that signifies that the year is over, and it is time to let go of that which has come before.  What could be preserved has been salvaged, and the non-sustainable has fallen beneath the scythe.  Old patterns have been broken, and new alliances to carry us through the winter have been formed.  It is good.  It is over.  It is Samhain.

I am in a stronger space than I was a year ago. I remember the taste of fear on my tongue. The adrenaline that shaped my days and nights.  Last October was the start of the greatest race of my life.  I have learned many things in this past year, running to stay ahead of danger.  How to juggle sharp objects in rapid succession.  How to quell mutinies, and to sail beyond fear.

In some ways it was the older lessons that carried the day, the things taught in my turbulent youth, the wisdom of my Ancestors.  They have been very active this year.  Their blood sings in my veins, energized with love and venom.  They have so many gifts.  They send me blessings of light, and remind me of our dark legacy.  How to hunt.  How to fight.  How to win.

These thoughts pass through my mind like leaves on the wind, to settle on the ground.  The broken bits crunch beneath my boots as I walk into the setting sun.  I revel in the thought of the dark time, the cool stillness of the night.  I look forward to the solace of winter. My thoughts turn to strengthening my alliance with the Fae. Renewing my connection with my Gods. Hibernating with my Pack.

I do not know what the new year will bring, but I am certain that it will be something stranger, but something stronger than what I have experienced before.  Today I salute my Mighty Dead, who have given me strength and strong counsel, both good and bad, and renew the pledge to sing their names to a new generation.  We are still here, and you are not forgotten.

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