Live Deliberately

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Every day, we are bombarded with opportunities to get distracted, waste time, or worse. The things that fight for our attention are the things that want to destroy us – and we let them.

We have unseen, unmet needs pushing us to make bad decisions. We don’t know why we do the things that we do, but we sin, repent, and repeat.

To fight for our present, we need healing for our past and hope for our future. We must face our brokenness and bring it before God’s throne in search of healing. Only then will we be able to make the most out of each moment. Only after we are free of the shackles of our wounds can we enjoy the life God has for us. And only after we stop running from the pain can we start to become the people God made us to be.

In this book, you’ll learn how to identify the problem, heal the past, build the future, own the present, and live deliberately. While temptations and distractions will still be there, you can at least arm yourself with knowledge to make it a fair fight.


The Christmas Gift

Paperback | Kindle edition

Life has passed Frank by, leaving him with more regrets than memories. Now, year after year, he tortures himself with Christmas rituals. He’s all alone in the world, or at least he thinks he is. But Christmas this year might show Frank that he’s not alone after all. The Christmas Gift goes beyond Santa Claus and holiday shopping to explore the real reason we celebrate. Take a journey with Frank and be transformed, not just for Christmas, but the whole year round.




The Prison on the Beach

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A short story about doing what it takes to be free.