Weekend Links!

Weekend Links! February 19, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things from the internets the past two weeks! Enjoy!

Never Forget. Never Again by George Takei- George Takei (Mr. Sulu from Star Trek and world’s funniest activist) shares his story of the years he spent in an American prison camp as a child, just because he “looked like the people who attacked Pearl Harbor.” Solemn and sobering.

You Didn’t Thank Me For Punching You in the Face by Queen of the Couch- My little brother pointed out that this post seemed to put the blame all on boys. Girls also do this to boys and boys are told the same harmful things. I’d just like to point that out. Besides that, I think this is a VERY important message to teach children!

For Shame or for Freedom by Sarah Bessey- “And sadly, so much of what passes as “empowering women” is really only another form of shame, an updated version of “worthless” unless you measure up.”

Feminism is Dead by Dianna Anderson- “…and I ride a pink unicorn to work everyday.”

Defocus and See by Virus Comix-  “90% identical does not qualify as opposite sex.”

And, this isn’t new or anything, but it’s provided me with some great amusement this week:


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  • Wow! the George Takei video was so powerful! I would love to be able to see his play! I also really liked the one about boys teasing girls. Rachel Evan’s also linked to it, and I think it’s worth reading twice. I think too often we don’t even really the dangerous lessons we are teaching our children even under the guise of something so seemingly innocent.