Must Reads!

Must Reads! August 31, 2013

Here are some important recent posts that you shouldn’t miss:

*“Why I’m On Strike Today: I Can’t Support Myself On $7.85 at Burger King,” by Willieta Dukes

Burger King says they can’t pay employees like me higher wages because it would force them out of business. Yet last year it made $117m in profits and its CEO took home $6.47m. It would take me 634 years to earn that much.

*“Turning on a Dime: False Equivalence in Purity Culture,” by Dani Kelley 

It is a goddamn lie that a person cannot stop themselves from having sex if they have been engaging in hot and heavy sexual contact.

You still dare to be seen, to live your life, to share your truth. You and I know that we are not stereotypes or statistics, that our lives are not disposable and that we deserve and demand so much better.

[Miley Cyrus] is playing a type of black female body as a joke to challenge her audience’s perceptions of herself  while leaving their perceptions of black women’s bodies firmly intact.  It’s a dance between performing sexual freedom and maintaining a hierarchy of female bodies from which white women benefit materially.

*”Pacifism as Privilege,” by Jordan Mattox 

Our choice for peace is on the back of violence and in the absence of direct violence to us.

And here is the newest member of the Moon-Kobylanski family, Pickle!:

Photo by me.


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