I watched John Piper and Douglas Wilson Talk About “Homosexuality, Abortion, and Race” for TWO HOURS

I watched John Piper and Douglas Wilson Talk About “Homosexuality, Abortion, and Race” for TWO HOURS October 17, 2013

(Update: Now with 100% more Ron Swanson gifs, inspired by my Facebook friend Neal)

Pray for me, friends. I shall need a few days to recover from this.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that Douglas Wilson and John Piper  did a roundtable on the topics of “homosexuality, abortion, and race.” I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but I watched the dang thing, and I shared some choice quotes on Twitter yesterday.

Much of this video was John Piper trying to excuse Douglas Wilson’s history (and present) of White Supremacy (you can read about that history here, here, here, and here). Piper and Wilson then compare slavery to abortion, insist that black people are the ones responsible for voting in our “pro-abortion” president, and hint that this means black people are just as at-fault for abortion as white people are for slavery.

Piper and Wilson talk about being arrested during their past involvement as part of an anti-choice group that would stand outside of abortion clinics and harass women in order to “rescue” them.

They then discuss how Wilson rejoices when he is called a racist because he knows it’s not truly–merely a form of persecution that Christ will bless him for enduring.

They later get around to discussing LGBTQ people and issues, and, not-surprisingly, say some pretty disturbing things about that. For instance, John Piper, with a huge smile on his face, wonders if God is going to send some new disease to get gay people to “wake up” and turn from their sin.

I’ve Storified quotes from throughout the entire video. If you’re interested in what these two influential Christian leaders are saying in this video but don’t want to take two hours out of your time to watch the whole thing, this Storify is for you!

Content Note: Racism, Anti-Abortion Rhetoric, Homophobia and Transphobia


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