Dealing with life's ups and downs

Dealing with life's ups and downs October 13, 2011

by Nick Broadhurst

Most people experience the ups and downs in life. Likely it is impossible not to but little seems known about its cause. People try to make their lives better. They try to feel happy. So what is it that takes them down, that makes them feel worse?

The mechanism is actually quite simple. You try to make your life better. You do in fact improve yourself. But there is someone else who is in your vicinity who wants you to go down, stay down. Now before you say that is impossible as it seems too simple, understand that this is a phenomenon that has been out of view of many for time immemorial.

For a start it is important to realize that there are fundamentally only two types of people in this world. This was discovered by philosopher L. Ron Hubbard. There is the person who specializes in getting things done, makes things happen and builds the world. This person is fairly visible. He is out there. He may even be you.

The other type of person is that which specializes in destroying things, destroying people, making less of life and those around him. Unfortunately he lies in hidden terror of others, for his own reasons, he figures that to protect himself he must reduce others around him, must make them less able, make them smaller.

This type of personality is not the angry man, the robust but upset individual who is mad at life. It is more likely to be the person who is quietly behind the scenes manipulating the thoughts of others, turning one person against the other, the one behind, destroying the angry man – behind the person who is upset, pleased that there are now people in conflict. For in a conflict both sides are depowered, made less. That leaves the destructive individual the victor and stronger than he was in comparison to those he arranged to be in conflict.

The trick in realizing that one is suffering the ups and downs is to first realise that there are such destructive people around. These destructive people are indeed sick. But there are not many of them, compared to the rest of us.

The next thing is to learn the tools necessary to spot them. To do that one must learn more of the personality of this destructive person, which we call the Anti-social Personality.

There is a free course offered on the Volunteer Ministers website where one can learn to spot and overcome the effects of such suppression.

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