What is happiness?

What is happiness? October 13, 2011

by Nick Broadhurst

Honestly, what is this thing called happiness? It is obviously linked to our survival. In our natural state we might be happy. Happiness seems to preside in the absence of pain. Pain is the warning of loss and too much pain brings about death. The pain signal shows the organism is in the proximity of a destructive force or object and to ignore the pain would bring about death.

It does not matter if it is a burn or a broken arm, the signals are the same. When a lot of pain is accumulated the organism will go unconscious. As pain accumulates death is impending.

Pain is stored in the mind as memories and unless discharged they accumulate. This accumulation of memory of pain brings about unhappiness. With the accumulated memory of pain the mind will bring about psychosomatic illnesses.Arthritis, dermatitis, rheumatism and a thousand others are psychosomatic illnesses brought about my the accumulation of painful memories. The body is capable of restoring itself, but when there is an excessive accumulation of pain in the memory of the organism, the organism will drive itself towards death.

These discoveries were made by L. Ron Hubbard and are now Scientologyconcepts. They make sense, and there is more on this subject in his book,Scientology: A New Slant on Life

Now, back to the theory. Arthritis is apparently the accumulation of memories of earlier injuries, such as an injured knee, when younger, acting on the organism to bring back the pain. If a person was able to ask the person with the psychosomatic illness, all about the earlier times when he had the original injuries, go through them in great detail, and even get the psychosomatic person to re-live those memories with someone who could listen, as a Scientologist would, then the bearer of the psychosomatic illness would improve to a marked degree. With these painful memories discharged, a bodycan begin its healing process. However, this is not about the body, but rather what the mind is doing to the body that we are concerned with.

A person who has lost his or her vitality is being dragged down also these painful memories. He or she can be brought back up the scale to being more alive, and being happier. It is the accumulated memories of pain that push down happiness. It is loss and defeat that brings about mental pain. With these discharged, a person will bounce back again to being happy. This is a law of life. It is just a matter of how much pain has been accumulated in life that determines where a person is on the scale.

One could even say that consciousness itself depends on being rid of these painful memories. It is not hard to do. Ione can get a book on subject and read it for a start.

Good luck.

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