Acting Contrary to Survival – Why?

Acting Contrary to Survival – Why? August 8, 2012

I’m currently studying the fundamentals of Scientology. What we call the “Basics”. What I’m doing is studying everything chronologically. I started with the book “Dianetics: The Original Thesis“, which was the first description of Dianetics, passed around from hand-to-hand first by friends of L. Ron Hubbard and then by many more interested people.

I’m well past Original Thesis now, but today I was looking back at some of my notes and I found some things that I thought I’d share.

This first quote explains what is behind actions that you or others have taken that didn’t make any sense.  For example, with all we know now about the damage drugs such as cocaine and heroine can do, why is it that people still take them?  Why is it that a suicide bomber does what he does?  Why is it that Joe yelled at Mary when in fact he loves her?  Why on earth did a seemingly successful marriage suddenly break up?

The explanation is in this first quote.  And it leads to solutions for all of the examples I gave and for any other behavior that just doesn’t seem to make any sense.  Those solutions can all be found in Scientology.

Here is the quote from the book Dianetics: The Original Thesis:

When the individual is acting contrary to the survival of himself, his group, progeny, race, mankind or life, he can be considered to be unintelligent, uninformed or aberrated.

Unintelligent and uninformed are relatively easy to handle, but “aberrated” can be much more difficult.  The good new is that it is what Scientology and Dianetics handle successfully every day.

Grahame is a Scientologist living in sunny Florida with his wife.  He has a strong interest in religion and the commonalities between all religions.  He has been a Scientologists for over 30 years and especially likes to make Scientology accessible and understandable to others.

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