Religion, morality and the state of today’s culture

Religion, morality and the state of today’s culture July 27, 2014

I posted a link to an article yesterday about the decline of religion among today’s youth.

Although this may only be gaining public notice now, it is a phenomenon that has been going on for decades.

In fact it was more than 40 years ago that L. Ron Hubbard looked into dramatic social decline as evidenced by increased crime and drug abuse in the wake of a concerted campaign against religion and religious beliefs.

“For the last hundred years or so religion has been beset with a relentless attack. You have been told it’s the ‘opiate of the masses,’ that it’s unscientific, that it is primitive; in short, that it is a delusion.

“But beneath all these attacks on organized religion there was a more fundamental target: the spirituality of Man, your own basic spiritual nature, self-respect and peace of mind. This black propaganda may have been so successful that maybe you no longer believe you have a spiritual nature but I assure you you do.”

Have you observed this trend in your own life?

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