Why We’re All Just in Awe of Mr. David Miscavige

Why We’re All Just in Awe of Mr. David Miscavige December 17, 2020

 Just in Awe of Mr. David Miscavige
Why We’re All Just in Awe of Mr. David Miscavige

In a video on the David Miscavige website Jared Roscoe, a Clearwater, Florida-based doctor of chiropractic, describes why he and his friends are just in awe of Mr. David Miscavige.

Mr. Miscavige’s Work Ethic

“You talk about the ultimate in work ethic and production and taking it to the max every day,” he says. “That’s it, look no further.”

“He’s really the pinnacle of what one person can do when they really have their eye on the prize and they’re dedicated and relentless at achieving their goals and making sure that we all win,” he says. Mr. Miscavige exemplifies those qualities. “And that’s how we talk about him—total respect…just in awe of what he does on a daily basis.”

His Ethics

“He’s incredibly ethical. Talk about ethics presence and just being able to really walk the walk. He embodies that.

“Just in terms of not being easily swayed, he’s very, very dedicated and very persistent on the given course—of seeing that the Church does succeed and seeing that all the parishioners get the full gains of what Scientology has to offer. And I really think he embodies being a leader to the fullest extent.”

As ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion for more than three decades, David Miscavige has spearheaded the most dramatic period of growth in the young religion’s history.

Hundreds of Scientologists share their own views

To learn more about what people really think and why they, like Jared, are just in awe of Mr. David Miscavige, visit www.davidmiscavige.org/vidoes.

More than a hundred Scientologists share their views and their personal stories about Mr. Miscavige and his leadership. They speak of how he has helped them and what he means to them personally, to the future of the religion and to the communities it serves.

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