Who Are Scientologists, Anyway?

Who Are Scientologists, Anyway? March 31, 2021

Here’s another of Wil Seabrook‘s insightful blogs about Scientology, “Who Are Scientologists, Anyway?” It was originally published on the website of the STAND League.

It feels like there are an infinite number of choices for entertainment on my TV and other devices these days, and yet I find myself increasingly restless searching for content that will entertain and inspire. Too much of it just feels cookie-cutter and designed to press people’s buttons through shock value or pandering.

A collage of Scientologists featured in “I am a Scientologist” on the Scientology Network
A collage of Scientologists featured in “I am a Scientologist” on the Scientology Network

But the other night I started watching an episode of “I am a Scientologist” on the Scientology Network and was struck right away by a few things all at once.


First, the diversity—people from all countries, races, languages, ages and professions. It was fascinating. Individuals from all over the world, all walks of life and every stage of life were sharing very personal stories about what their religion meant to them and each story was as unique as the person telling it.

It often feels like so much media is designed to divide us into categories or put us into boxes somehow. It was nice to see the opposite—to be reminded of our “human family,” of all that is universal, and to see the beautiful things we have in common.

My Own Journey in Scientology

I was also struck by how genuinely happy those featured were to share their successes. It reminded of my own journey in Scientology. I was at a point where I felt like I was getting eaten alive by my problems—that I was my problems—when I was first introduced to Scientology. Now I feel like I create only the kinds of problems I want to have in my life (because let’s face it, a life with no problems at all would get really boring really fast) and I’ve never been happier than I am right now.

Each of the individuals sharing their stories in the episode talked in one way or another about learning and applying what they’d learned in Scientology and how that enabled them to move from being overwhelmed by a problem to being able to confidently handle it. And you could see how happy it made them to not only articulate the newfound success they experienced but to share it with other people. On the receiving end, it’s inspiring and invigorating to see other people doing well. And it’s a rare thing in media to see people’s successes being so genuinely celebrated.

Having a framework in life

The final thing that struck me as I watched is the vital importance of having a framework in life that helps you make sense of the world and your place in it. I admire and respect those who ask the “big” questions and search honestly for meaningful answers they can use to help themselves and others. As for me, I’ve found the answers I was looking for in Scientology and it’s a pleasure to see such a diverse group of people all around the world who’ve had a similarly uplifting and life-changing experience.


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