How L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics Helped One Woman Set a Successful Course for Life

How L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics Helped One Woman Set a Successful Course for Life June 30, 2021

“How L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics Helped One Woman Set a Successful Course for Life” is taken from a blog originally published on the Scientology Parent website.

Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard
Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard

Diane shares her personal story about how she first learned about L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology at a critical juncture in her life.

“When I was 20 years old I was in college,” she says. And although she was bright enough to have earned a scholarship, in her second year she was failing. She had also become very ill and  had no idea what to do with her life.

Although she was very religious, these factors caused her to be despondent and question why this was happening to her.

Diane’s first encounter with L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics

On the eve of going in for surgery, she prayed to God, asking him to “either take me when I was in surgery or to please show me my purpose for being here.”

That same day, a woman came to see her, showed her the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L.  Ron Hubbard, and invited Diane to a lecture.

She was distracted and worried about her surgery. As a result, she was not particularly listening.

“I had no intentions of attending,” she says, “but my mother was interested and dragged me to this lecture.”

Despite her anxiety, she found the lecture extremely interesting. She learned about L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics. “I felt there was a lot of truth there,” she says.

Corresponding with Ron

Following her surgery, she read the Dianetics book, and was so taken by what it contained, she wrote a letter to L. Ron Hubbard.

“He wrote me back thanking me for my kind words about his research,” says Diane, “but then asked me, ‘How do you know it works?’ He said I shouldn’t accept things just because someone says so, I should see for myself if they are true. So I tried it and wrote him back that now I had tried it and I still felt it was workable and a good theory.”

L. Ron Hubbard continued to correspond with Diane for the next 11.

“He never pushed me to anything and often didn’t mention more than his own interests and activities or ask about my well-being,” she says. In fact, L. Ron Hubbard “became a dear friend and mentored me through anything I personally asked for. He was always very kind and very funny.”

Years later, Diane realized, “I did in fact find my purpose that day. I like helping others and I found a way to do that effectively.”

And that is how a casual mention of Dianetics at a time when Diane really needed to sort things out for herself led to her personal relationship with L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics, and a fulfilling life of helping others.

For more information on Dianetics, watch Dianetics: An Introduction by L. Ron Hubbard on the Scientology Network.

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