How Scientologists Appreciate David Miscavige

How Scientologists Appreciate David Miscavige August 19, 2021

Here is a sampling of how Scientologists appreciate David Miscavige and his leadership in the Scientology religion.

How Scientologists appreciate David Miscavige

In a brief video on Mr. Miscavige’s website,, Chuck White of Pasadena has this to say:

“In almost every major city around the world, people can freely walk into the Church of Scientology and experience Scientology for what it is.”

If they are having problems with communication, they may  “take a course on communications. Problem with relationships, take a course on relationships. And that’s directly related to Mr. Miscavige and his work.”

Chuck describes what it was like to be there and speak to David Miscavige at the dedication of the Church of Scientology Pasadena.

“We helped to open the Church of Scientology Pasadena. And I have a great love for that Church and it’s a beautiful building.

“On the day of our opening Mr. Miscavige visited and he personally shook hands with us. He said hello and ‘I so much appreciate what you’re doing. You’re going to help your community. You’re going to help the people in your community with the very tools we have in Scientology.’

“It was very special to me… He took the time to talk to each of our staff members, each of us personally, and say, thank you.

“That said a lot about the man.”

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