The Scientology Symbol: Understanding My Religion

The Scientology Symbol: Understanding My Religion September 23, 2021

The Scientology symbol, explained in a blog by Wil Seabrook. It was originally published on the STAND (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination) website.

A friend of mine who is not a Scientologist recently asked me to explain the Scientology symbol. It reminded me of my childhood growing up as a Christian in the Methodist church and everything the Christian cross represented to me and so many others—a symbol of God’s love and the personal sacrifice of Jesus for all mankind, the suffering that is a part of the human experience, but also the redemption that is possible for every individual.

The Scientology Symbol
The Scientology Symbol

A Video on the Scientology Symbol

I know what the Scientology symbol means for me. But I wanted to consult my church’s explanation of it. I wasn’t surprised to find this beautiful video on our website.

I realized, as I watched it, that this artistic communication—the video itself—was a perfect demonstration of every aspect of the Scientology symbol.

The Components of the Scientology Symbol Explained

The S, not surprisingly, stands for “Scientology.” Scientology literally means “knowing how to know” or “the study of knowledge.”

The lower triangle represents ARC.  Affinity (the degree of liking of something or someone), Reality and Communication, which in turn are the component parts of understanding.

The upper triangle represents KRC—Knowledge, Responsibility and Control.

Interdependent Factors

Each triangle represents interdependent factors. This means when you improve one factor the others improve. And if one corner of the triangle goes down, the others go down to the same degree.

If you combine all of these elements together—a workable, responsible study of knowledge itself that improves a person’s ability to control himself or herself and the environment, plus an approach to life that encompasses affinity, reality and communication resulting in true understanding—you have a system that allows a person to improve themself and be more confident, competent and helpful to themself and others.

The degree of KRC and ARC that was applied in the making of the five-minute video explaining these concepts is evident in the quality of the video, the clarity with which it explains these important (and somewhat new and unique) concepts, and the level of interest, care and responsibility such a professional communication exhibits for the audience. I could write for hours trying to explain how all of these factors fit together. And how that might apply to someone’s life. But this simple five-minute video beautifully explains every aspect of the symbol.  And it leaves the viewer with a comprehensive understanding.

Scientology Tools and Solutions

And that is the beauty of Scientology. It’s not based on faith. Instead it supplies the spiritual tools and solutions to improve every aspect of life by increasing one’s responsibility through an improved ability to understand people, life, and our environment.

The Scientology symbol is an ideal representation of everything that Scientology can offer an individual. And I, like millions of others around the world, am personally grateful for these tools that have so dramatically improved every aspect of my life.

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