Leah Remini Inspires Hate

Leah Remini Inspires Hate February 3, 2022

Leah Remini inspires further hate: This is the message of a blog published on the website of STAND League (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination). Remini’s own words reveal her true intentions: to inspire hate against Scientology and Scientologists—and that hatred has had disastrous results. Warning: this blog quotes anti-religious hate. It is published to expose and inform. Those who could be taken in by Remini should know that her real purpose is malevolent.

Leah Remini Inspires Hate
Leah Remini Inspires Hate

Within days of Holocaust Remembrance Day, a hate tweet by anti-Scientologist Leah Remini inspired a commenter to post: “In the 1940’s there was a certain European politician who had big ideas. He had the right ideas, but went after the wrong groups. Scientology is a plague and it needs to be exterminated.”

The Anti-Defamation League’s Pyramid of Hate makes clear how hate speech like Leah Remini’s advances to genocide against minority groups —  like that called for by her supporter, an individual inflamed by Remini’s unhinged propaganda and bigotry—an individual who is, not surprisingly, also a public supporter of Hitler.

Remini’s epithets reveal a history of hate

Remini’s unhinged bigotry includes describing Scientology as “pure f—king evil” and referring to Scientologists as “robot[s],” “extremists,” “manipulators,” “p—ssies,” “horrible,” “hateful” and “a bunch of f—king like body snatchers” who are “selling your soul to the devil” She labels Scientologists as “not mentally sound.”  She accuses every Scientologist of having “zero compassion.” She claims they “can’t afford to feed their families,” She stigmatizes them by saying they “can’t think for themselves.” And she dismisses them by saying they “don’t give a sh—t,” are “morally depleted” and have “done nothing good.”

Remini’s hate posts are “Acts of Bias”

Remini’ inspires hate with “Acts of Bias.” This is a category in the Anti-Defamation League’s  Pyramid of Hate. It includes bullying, ridicule, name-calling, slurs and epithets, dehumanization and biased and belittling jokes. She denigrates mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, artists, and humanitarians of every nationality, every sex, race and every walk of life.

Speaking for her fellow anti-Scientology extremists, Remini once even proudly stated: “We have come after other people who have supported Scientology.”

Remini’s hate inflames those following her to acts of violence

The Twitter poster extolling Hitler’s “right ideas” is not the only bad actor inflamed by Leah Remini’s anti-Scientology hate:

  • In 2015, 31-year-old Erin McMurtry called Leah Remini “a true inspiration” on social media. Several days later, McMurtry smashed her car through the front doors of the Church of Scientology in Austin, Texas, stopping just short of the nursery. When she was informed no one was hurt, she replied, “that’s too bad.” McMurtry was convicted of felony vandalism.
  • In 2016, Andre Barkanov called the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles and threatened to assassinate the Church leader, the receptionist, her family, Church staff and Scientology parishioners. Barkanov, who was found to have an arsenal of guns, had no direct knowledge of the Church but, when interviewed by the LAPD, stated he made the threat after watching “the King of Queens lady,” referencing Remini’s character in a canceled sitcom.

Remini’s hate inspires threats

  • Here are a few of the hundreds of threats Remini’s hate speech has inspired. Many of these were made within one hour of the broadcast of her anti-Scientology show:
    • “Literally gonna torch down every scientology center #ScientologyTheAftermath.”
    • “You are dead. I’m going to murder all of you pig cult bastards and blow up all your buildings. You are f—ked.”
    • You should all kill yourselves. Or come to my neighborhood and let me do it for you.”
    • “I hope someone blows your f—king building up on live tv!!!” “[I will] join the fight with Leah Remini and do my very best to end your miserable existence!”
    • “We’re gonna f—king destroy you. Your son and your daughter are gonna suffer. I’m gonna burn your f—king house. I am gonna f—k you up so f—king bad.”
    • “I don’t watch this show that often… I want to burn down every single Scientology building. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.”

Remini’s hate speech inspired a tragic murder

On January 3, 2019, a man incited by Leah Remini’s hate speech murdered a 24-year-old Scientologist, Aaron Yeh, outside the Australasian headquarters of the Church. Newspapers internationally published that Leah Remini had blood on her hands.

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