How Scientology Saved My Marriage

How Scientology Saved My Marriage April 17, 2022

How Scientology Saved My Marriage:

This was originally published under the title “To Share or Not to Share” on the website of STAND (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination) and is published here with their permission.

When my husband and I eloped nearly 28 years ago, we had no idea what we were doing. But we were so distracted by the butterflies running amuck in our bellies that it didn’t even matter.

At 18 years old, we knew everything, and though we’d only dated for three weeks, for me, there was no doubt that he was the one.

Scientology saved my marriage

What Came Next

I’d like to tell you that once we tied the knot, every day was filled with joyful bliss. But I’m sure you already know that was not the case. The truth is that love and marriage, and the search for happily-ever-afters, can seem pretty complex when it comes to people and emotions and real life. To complicate it further, we added children to the mix immediately.

Over the next couple years, like most marriages, we acquired bills, and sick days. We had jobs we sort of liked. And we had difficulty finding the “us” time that was so vital to rekindling that early flame. By the two-year mark, we were on the fast track to that place that more than 50 percent of marriages end up: divorce.

“We” were somehow broken

I still loved him. He still loved me. But “we” were somehow broken. And no talking, soothing or consoling could fix it.

It got to a place where I actually packed up and went to my mother’s. That night, my heart was fractured in a million tiny pieces.  And the physical aching is still tangible as I recall the feeling of utter hopelessness.

Where do you go when you’ve got nowhere to go? The answer was in a gift—a simple Scientology booklet

Where do you go when you’ve got nowhere to go? I didn’t want to be a divorced mother at 20. Most of all, I just wanted what I was so sure about in the beginning.

That’s when I found a book that a friend had given us as a wedding gift with a simple note:

“When it seems like it just won’t work. Read this.”

I pulled it out and started reading and reading, line by line.

When I was done, I knew with certainty two things:

1. Why my marriage was crumbling

2. That I could absolutely fix it.

That book was by Scientology Founder  L. Ron Hubbard and contained the simple “secrets” to making a marriage work. 

The booklet is now available as part of the “Marriage” course on the Scientology website.

I applied the practical tools he laid out and within a week my marriage was not only back on track, it was squishy and yummy, and I was vindicated in the fact that he was still the one.

Twenty-eight years later, four kids, two grandkids, we’ve traveled all over the world, and we’ve created a life where we actually get asked frequently, “What’s your secret?”

To find out the secret, visit the Scientology website and check out the free online course on Marriage.

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