What Mainline Media Fail to Report About al-Zawahiri, from Freedom Magazine, Voice of the Church of Scientology

What Mainline Media Fail to Report About al-Zawahiri, from Freedom Magazine, Voice of the Church of Scientology August 4, 2022

What mainline media fail to report about al-Zawahiri, as exposed by Freedom Magazine, published by the Church of Scientology since 1968.

As the headlines announce the death of al-Zawahiri, one thing is missing. Not a single headline covers his role in creating terror. But Freedom Magazine discovered and reported on the story more than a decade ago.

The Freedom articles are available online. But here are some of the key excerpts. And this is what mainline media fail to report about al-Zawahiri in their coverage of his assassination.

From The Terror Doctors

 al-Zawahiri and the Terror Doctors

“Mind doctors dominate al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups pushing a political agenda under the guise of— and at the expense of—Islam.”

“Experts say that al-Zawahiri, acting as personal doctor and counselor to bin Laden, molded him from role to role. From billionaire financier of Afghan resistance to the Soviet Union. To proponent of violent insurgency against Western political targets. And ultimately to the don of global terror.

“A pioneer in the use of suicide bombers, psychiatrist al-Zawahiri also introduced the psychological propaganda tool of videotaping statements of would-be bombers before their martyrdom.

“By posturing that terror agents carry out a great jihad in the name of their faith, he has sought to solicit support from the Islamic world.

“Yet, the very methods of mind manipulation and mass murder al-Zawahiri and other psychiatrists-cum-terror mongers put into effect are at odds with, and parasitic upon, the great religion of Muhammad.”

From Behind the Terror

“While the international spotlight since September 11 has focused on Osama bin Laden, key information that helps to explain how terrorists are created—including facts to clarify their conversion into violent, seemingly inhuman killers—has remained obscure.

“In this regard, an examination of the background of a particular al-Qaeda principal proves enlightening. News accounts have depicted surgeon Ayman al-Zawahiri as bin Laden’s right-hand man and personal doctor. The facts, however, reveal him to be more.”

For the full story, visit the website of Freedom Magazine.

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