Who Is David Miscavige?

Who Is David Miscavige? January 12, 2023

According to the Scientology website, David Miscavige is the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion. From his position as Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center (RTC) Mr. Miscavige bears the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the standard and pure application of L. Ron Hubbard’s technologies of Dianetics and Scientology. And he is responsible for Keeping Scientology Working.

David Miscavige is a personal hero of mine

David Miscavige redefines the term “religious leader”

According to this website, Mr. Miscavige has redefined the term “religious leader.”  Of course, he directs a truly unique, contemporary religion. In fact, Scientology is a religion born in the twentieth century. And he has ensured Scientology has achieved an unprecedented level of expansion in the twenty-first century. Indeed, this includes some 11,000 Churches, Missions and affiliated groups across 167 nations.

Why has David Miscavige emphasized the Church’s involvement in social betterment and humanitarian initiatives?

Because the world needs a lot of help. Just look around and you’ll see things have generally deteriorated. More drugs. And more suicides. Fewer successful marriages. More hate.

That is why he had programs developed to address society’s worst ills. And he provided the resources to put those programs into action.

David Miscavige has made Scientology and Dianetics available in more than 90 percent of the languages of Earth

He has seen to the translation of all Scientology and Dianetics basic books and lectures written and recorded by L. Ron Hubbard into 16 languages and all Mr. Hubbard’s beginning books into 50 languages. So anyone can pick up a Dianetics or Scientology book, read it, and use it to help others and receive help.

And there’s so much more. If you visit the David Miscavige website,  you’ll learn more. And it’s because they appreciate him so much and trust him that you see standing ovations that go on and on at any event where he officiates. Because Scientologists know it is because of David Miscavige that Scientology today is just the way LRH intended it. And for that, we they are enormously grateful.


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