Farewell March 20, 2014

The time has come for us to move platforms, which means the time has now arrived for you to update your RSS feeds and email subscriptions accordingly.

We are very grateful to our friends here at Patheos for hosting us the past few years. Joining forces was an experiment, one that they made easy to say “yes” to and their kindness and support made difficult to leave.  We appreciate everything they are doing here and encourage you to keep up with them.

But it has become clear to over that it is time to return to our old haunts.  And so we relocated ourselves to ScriptoriumDaily.com, where you’ll find all our new content from here on out.

First:  if you’re reading this by RSS, make sure you update your subscription to the new feed.

Second:  If you want to follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you can do that too.

Third:  We are going to be releasing a bi-weekly email that provides links to content at Scriptorium Daily and other tidbits from the Torrey Honors Institute.

Fourth:  If you’ve been getting our posts by email, you can resubscribe to receive them here 

Thanks for reading us through the years.  We are grateful for it.

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