Kaveh Mousavi’s Top 10 Iranian Films

Kaveh Mousavi’s Top 10 Iranian Films September 25, 2016

A brief note from Andrew:  I was honored and delighted when my fellow Patheos Atheist blogger Kaveh Mousavi asked if he could write a guest post for Secular Cinephile.  Even before I started this column, I’d been enjoying Kaveh’s blog On the Margin of ErrorAs an ex-Muslim living in Iran, Kaveh offers a distinctly welcome perspective, which is only boosted further by his winning mix of sharp insight and wisecracking humor.  Enjoy!

The majority of people who are familiar with Iranian cinema, if they read this list, will vehemently disagree with it. Some of the most internationally renowned Iranian directors, such as Abbas Kiarostami or Jafar Panahi, have no film in this list. Also missing are some of those unknown outside Iran but known as masters inside Iran:  Masoud Kimiai or Ali Hatami, for example. The reason is that I think those directors suck. So, just a heads up: this list is not very “orthodox.”  It’s not meant to give you a clear comprehensive picture of Iranian cinema; it’s not meant to be fair or representative of its different movements.

It’s only meant as a rationale for defending ten films I consider to be amazing. You can look at it as a recommendation for ten great films you probably haven’t heard about. That’s what lists are supposed to do, anyway.

Thanks a million to Andrew for allowing me to run it on his fantastic blog.

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