Distrust of atheists–further evidence

Distrust of atheists–further evidence March 26, 2006

Internet Infidels executive director Keith Augustine has pointed me to another study which also shows that Americans distrust atheists. This report (PDF) by the Pew Center, issued March 22, 2006, lists Americans’ favorability ratings for various religious groups on p. 3 (table 5) from a July 2005 survey:

Table 5.
Favorability Ratings of Religious Groups
Opinions of ... Fav Unfav No opinion

Jews 77% 7% 16%
Catholics 73 14 13
Evangelical Christians 57 19 24
Muslim-Americans 55 25 20
Atheists 35 50 15
Source: Pew Research Center, July 2005

This result is consistent with the University of Minnesota data we commented on earlier.

I wonder how Scientologists would fare.

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