“Investigating Atheism” web site

“Investigating Atheism” web site August 3, 2009

There’s an interesting new(ish) academic web site called “Investigating Atheism.” It collects some useful social science and historical information, and other stuff. The material has something of a theologically liberal spin on it, though the site disingenuously claims neutrality:

The Investigating Atheism project is designed to stimulate interest, thought and debate on this important topic (one that has rapidly gained a whole new audience in recent years). The website has been put together by a group of academics and researchers at the faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge, and at the University of Oxford. The team have no set view on the subject, and aim to give a fully independent, but informed statement about this important subject.

In other words, a bunch of theologians informing the world about atheism. Still, with some reading between the lines it’s good for a quick identification of what about historical and contemporary atheism raises the hackles of theological liberals.

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