Criminalizing sex

Criminalizing sex May 18, 2012

A poster put out by one of the Islamist political parties in Turkey. On top of the image of people turned to stone, with hints of Sodom and Gomorrah, the slogans are “Criminalize adultery” and “Homosexuality is immorality.”

They may eventually get their way as well. There’s considerable public support for enforcing religious morality through the legal code. In Turkey, as with other Muslim countries, a lot of this is already part of the legal system; the Islamists only want to intensify something that is already present and enjoys broad support.

You have to wonder why the Christian version of what seems to be a universal Religious Right hates Islam with such an intensity as to indulge all sorts of lurid Islamophobic fantasies. Maybe it’s because the Muslim religious right is more successful than they are.

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