Interesting Blog Post about a Multiverse

Interesting Blog Post about a Multiverse March 27, 2014

Where Are We in the Multiverse?” (@ Why There is and Why There Is Anything)

Here’s the first paragraph:

There are two avenues from modern physics to the belief that the universe we see around us is not all there is, but is instead one of infinitely many like it. The first is inflationary cosmology; the second is quantum mechanics.  Though very different, these two multiverse models share two features: first, they both posit objective physical probabilities that tell us how likely we are to be in some portion of the multiverse rather than telling us how likely the multiverse is to be some way or another; and second, they both have a problem with prediction and confirmation.  I’ll discuss the relationship between self-locating probability and confirmation in these theories.

"Okay, well clarification may be good anyway."

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