On Atheism and Brightness

On Atheism and Brightness April 16, 2015

I’m often told that atheists are really smart when it comes to religion. Then I read their replies to moral arguments for God’s existence and cry out, “WTF?”

Take this argument:

If no G, then no O.
But O.
Therefore, G.

Why the f&*^ would anyone think it’s even relevant to bring up X, Y, or Z?!?!?

Unlike some religious apologists, I don’t believe the explanation is either (1) atheists are willfully repressing the truth of God’s existence, or (2) atheists are stupid. Rather, my hypothesis is this: many atheists are so confident in their atheism that they have an extreme case of confirmation bias & don’t even take the argument seriously enough to use their brains and bother understanding it.

I could post numerous examples, but it’s really too depressing to go find them.

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