New Comments Moderation Policy in Effect

New Comments Moderation Policy in Effect July 30, 2017

In order to maintain a high quality of discussion in the comments box, I have made the executive decision to moderate all comments on all posts.  This decision is effective immediately.

The following policies are in effect.

  1. Anonymous comments are prohibited. Only registered users with verified email addresses may comment.
  2. There is no word limit on comments other than whatever limitations of the Disqus commenting software (if any).
  3. You are welcome to link to other sites, including your own, so long as the link is clearly relevant to the original post (OP). We don’t care if the linked site is critical of our position, but we do care that the link is relevant.
  4. Personal attacks of any kind are not tolerated. Along the same lines, comments which are only or mostly about another person, rather than arguments, will be blocked.
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