Why I May Have to Stop Blogging with Patheos

Why I May Have to Stop Blogging with Patheos November 16, 2018

I have long enjoyed posting and commenting on Secular Outpost. I also frequently leave acerbic comments on Friendly Atheist. I think that both sites are hosted by Patheos. I may have to stop however. While I am trying to comment–and I do try to put thought into my comments–advertisements are rapidly flipping just below and beside the space where I am trying to write. While trying to think of a philosophical point, ads are doing their best to distract me. They are succeeding.  I emphatically do not give a shit for any of the worthless, overpriced junk they advertise, and would not purchase any of it in a million years, yet I am still distracted by their impertinent solicitations. I know that these sites are supported by ad revenue. Fair enough. However, if the purpose of these sites is to encourage serious discussion of important issues, then this purpose is undermined by the constant, obnoxious in-your-face hard sell. I am not asking for no ads, but merely that they not be performing calisthenics while I am trying to write. Anybody else similarly irked?

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