Vatican Science: An oxymoron?

Vatican Science: An oxymoron? January 15, 2011

I recently read an article published on (here) that discussed the Vatican’s view on science as a whole, but more specifically, the Big Bang Theory. It appears that the guy in the big hat is ok with the theory and thinks there is a place for science and religion to coexist on this front. So his message to his sheep is this: “I’m cool with the big bang but don’t forget, god is the puppet master pulling the strings.”

Ok, so let’s look at that. If the catholic church now endorses this theory, that means that the story of the creation that everyone is supposed to believe is now outdated. The bible tells the flock that god created heaven and earth. But what it’s supposed to say is god created a bunch of atoms and then smashed them together, knowing full well that the result of this action would be the creation of planets, life, and eventually people. And this would also mean that god did not create man and woman and stick them in a garden to be enticed by a serpent. Instead, he created the events that led to the rise of man, pulling the strings all along. Uh oh… I think we have a snowball effect that the pope-meister might want to consider.

So if my catholic upbringing isn’t failing me, I seem to recall that original sin was a direct result of the aforementioned garden-gate, and that the only cure for this affliction is the sacrament of baptism. But if garden-gate didn’t really happen, then is original sin out of the picture too? So no one needs to be baptized anymore, right Bennie? Uh oh.

Well I think we all know we’ll NEVER hear that coming from the Vatican. If it was ever decided that baptism wasn’t necessary, it would toss the new testament into orbit. Not to mention, the canceling of baptism would hurt the church’s revenue. And everyone knows the church loves the benjamins!

But for me, tossing away baptism is a logical thought progression from accepting big bang and integrating this piece of science into Catholicism. I’m sure others will disagree, and that’s ok. I’d love to hear from you.

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