Some Favorite Tweets from Thursday’s GOP Debate

Some Favorite Tweets from Thursday’s GOP Debate January 29, 2016

If you’re like me, you were tuned into the GOP debate last night, interested to see the altered dynamic that would present itself with Donald Trump self-removed from the event due to his disdain for, or fear of, Megyn Kelly (depending on who you’re listening to).  While the debate managed to stay on the rails for the most part, it wasn’t without its personal attacks and sidetracking, normally reserved for Trump and his steady stream of unbecoming digs at challengers.  As the debate progressed, I took to the Twitter-verse to see what people were saying, as well as to toss my own feedback into the oblivion of 140-character snippets of praise, condemnation, or outright hilariousness.

foxnews_debateSo, for your amusement, I thought I’d share some of my favorites.  Spoiler alert: I’ve shamelessly nominated myself for this distinction a couple times.  Just because I can.  Feel free to scream “narcissist!” in the comments if you’d like.

After Marco Rubio suggested we beef up the military. You know, the one that’s bigger and much more expensive than anyone else’s?

After Ted Cruz threatened to leave the stage because he felt attacked, and Chris Wallace called him out on his crybaby antics.

After Chris Wallace prefaced a question for Jeb Bush with the truth about the Iraq war.

After Rand Paul deviated from GOP talking points and started making sense.

After Ted Cruz effectively told us he’d make it legal again to deny insurance to those with pre-existing conditions without yet having a backup plan.

A few questions from Megyn Kelly were prefaced with video clips of previous statements by the candidates. It was a Brilliant tactic by the network to give context to viewers and prevent “I never said that” responses from candidates.

After Jeb Bush claimed he has poll numbers showing him beating Hillary Clinton in a general election.

After Marco Rubio started his “Jesus Christ died for my sins” ranT.

After a question about Kim Davis got directed to Chris Christie and he somehow transitioned to defeating ISIS.

After Ted Cruz hits a pet peeve of mine, mispronouncing “introduce”.

After Ben Carson mentioned tapping into renewable energy sources.

And finally, Ben Carson’s closing statement was a horribly uncomfortable recital of the Preamble to the Constitution.

In case you missed it:

Do you have some favorite tweets from the night?  Share them in the comments!

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